7 February 2014 - Annual meeting

Post date: 6 nov. 2013 10:32:41


The canteen at Geophysical Institute, Allegaten 70.

Speaker of the evening

Prof. Matthias Kaiser,

Head of Department at

Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities


  • 19:00-19:30 Annual meeting and information about upcoming events
  • 19:30-20:15 Prof Matthias Kaiser: "Alfred Wegener: Drifting continents and shifting arguments"
      • Thomas Kuhn has argued that the sciences progress by scientific revolutions, and he used the change from the geocentric to heliocentric view as example. However, closer to our times one has the example of continental drift / plate tectonics as a possible case for a scientific revolution. Kaiser claims that the history of this scientific revolution displays some, but not all the features of a conceptual change as envisaged by Kuhn. Socio-cultural factors did play a role in the resistance to Wegener’s drift theory, but also the quality of the available evidence was crucial in the long run. Many basic features of the workings of science can be illustrated with reference to this history between 1912 and 1967. In the talk, Kaiser will point to some of them which he believes are still useful in out teachings of science.
  • 20:30-02:00 Dinner and party

The annual meeting and talk (auditorium in east wing) is free and open for everyone.

The fee for the dinner and party (in the canteen) is 150,- for students, 200,- for members, and 250,- for non-members. The fee can be paid in cash at the entrance, or to bank account 0530.29.99068

A buffet from Prestige catering will be served, including:

  • Tagine Lam marinert i spesielle blanding av urter og krydder, langsomt stekt til kjøttet nærmest
    • faller av benet. Servert med svisker, rosiner, sesamfrø, kvede og ovnsbakt potet
  • Lammekjøtt cous cous servert med gresskar, gulrøtter, kålrot, squash, tomater, løk og kikerter.
  • Vegetar cous cous med gresskar, gulrøtter, kålrot, squash, tomater, løk og kikerter
  • Cheese cake for dessert

Drinks are for sale at happy prices.

Dress code: informal.

Register by email to knutfd@met.no before Wednesday 4 February. Please indicate any special dietary wishes.

Logo design contest

Although existing since 1949, Bergen Geofysikeres Forening has never had a logo! Thus we invite our members (and others) to participate in a logo design contest.

There are no strict guidelines, but the logo should be suitable for use both on this website and on printed paper/letters.

Your suggestion (figure) can be sent by mail to knutfd@met.no before 5 February 2014.

The board will then chose the best logo, and its designer will be awarded a prize at the annual party.