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Family Log Houses in Wisconsin, owners and locations
  • Top left: Bartholomew and Frances (Sturm) Lehner (E5096 Peak Lane, Section 30, Franklin Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin)
  • Top right: Andrew and Catherine (Pfeiffer) Ringelstetter (Section 13, Town 9 North, Range 3 East, Franklin Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin)
  • Bottom: Wenzel and Catherine (Niga) Fastner (Johnson Township, Marathon County, Wisconsin)

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DVD of emigrants from the Waldmuenchen, Bavaria, Germany, area

Title: Genealogies of families that immigrated to Sauk County, Wisconsin, from Bavaria, Germany. The collected works of Georg Ederer, Otto Horz, and Hansjörg Schneider.

Authors of the DVD: Debra A. Blau and Kenneth L. Kraemer. Year published: 2011

The DVD contains thousands of digitized pages including the following and much more:
  1. Pedigrees of emigrants originating from the Waldmünchen area - prepared by family researcher Georg Ederer of Waldmuenchen-Waffenschleife
  2. Emigration dissertation by Otto Horz in 1939
  3. Emigration publications by historical researcher Hansjörg Schneider of Waldmuenchen
To see a Table of Contents for the DVD Booklet, click here.

To see a list of surnames and town names that appear on the DVD, see this index created by Gary Haas:

For ordering information, go to the Old Franklin Township Historical Society website:

To get hands-on help with how to use the DVD, please attend a meeting of the Plain History Genealogy Group in Plain, Wisconsin. The files on the DVD are meant to be used on a computer; it is not a DVD that one can play on a television.

More information about the DVD is here: 

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