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Welcome to the inaugural ARNA 2014 Proceedings! You are on the most exciting and captivating page of the Proceedings WIKI. Thank you for being here! This page contains a rich collection of work of ARNA members, Fellows of action research, presented at the ARNA 2014 Conference in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (USA) in May 2014. Its richness is in diversity that honors and embraces differences that matter and bring us together to share, to learn, to grow, to challenge, and to generate new knowledge and additional insights. Its richness enables readers to experience the world from different points of view and to explore new ways of seeing and understanding to make a difference and to serve as the agents of change.

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About ARNA Proceedings 2014

Conference Keynote Address

Participatory Action Research and Recovery of the Senses and Sources of Historic Memory
César Osorio Sánchez, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Colombia

Paper Presentations

Gestión Ambiental de la Sostenibilidad como un Valor Social, en y por las Organizaciones Sin Ánimo de Lucro de América vía Investigación-Acción
Ruben Dario Amaya Morales, The Fowler Center for Sustainable Value

Hacia una Episteme Ambiental del Proyecto Educativo Institucional Universitario, Universidad de Antioquia
Ruben Dario Amaya Morales, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

Transforming Primary Schools in Kenya Through Action Research
Dr. Catherine Dean and Margaret Kariuki, Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya

La tecnología en la formación inicial docente: el uso de una plataforma virtual
Dr. Karina Alejandra Cruz Pallares, Institución Benemérita y Centenaria, Escuela Normal del Estado de Chihuahua, MX; Lidia Trinidad Holguín Ruiz and Laura Irene Dino Morales, Chihuahua, MX

The Effects of Using Metacognition to Bridge the Gap Between Phonics and Comprehension with Struggling Intermediate Readers
Wendy Elvin-Thomas, Nazareth Area School District, PA, USA

Collaborative Action Research as a ‘Design Research’ Process: Products that Bridge Research and Practice
Tara Flynn, Dr. Cathy Bruce, and Sarah Bennett, Trent University; Shelley Yearley, Ontario Ministry of Education, ON, Canada

Participatory Action and Drought as a Symbolic Context: The Case of Aldama Chihuahua, Mexico
Dr. Sara S. Garcia, Santa Clara University, CA, USA

El uso de la investigación en la política educativa: ¿Qué se hace en México?
Dr. Romelia Hinojosa Lujan, Jefa del Departamento de Investigación de la Secretaría de Educación Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno del Estado de Chihuahua, Secretaría de Educación Cultura y Deporte, MX

Impacting Mongolian Educational Reform with an Action Research Lens
Dr. Candace Kaye, New Mexico State University, NM, USA; Dr. D. Naranceceg, Dr. J. Batdelger, Dr. B. Chultem, and Dr. O. Altangoo, Mongolian State University of Education, Mongolia

Scaling Up Action Research: Professional Development for In-service School Librarians
Jenny Robins, University of Central Missouri, MO, USA

The Action Research Heritage Project: Celebrating 80 years of Practitioner and Participatory Research in the Americas
Lonnie Rowell and Goldie Chan, University of San Diego, CA, USA

Action Research for Conflict Mediation in an Early Childhood Collaborative Context
Dr. Catarina Sobral, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

Symposium Presentations

Professional Learning Through Collaborative Action Research in Mathematics: Three Perspectives, Three Nations
Dr. Janette Bobis, University of Sydney, Australia; Dr. Catherine D. Bruce, Trent University, ON, Canada; Dr. Mary McAteer, Edge Hill University, UK

Turning Conflicting Values into Virtues when Conducting Action Research in an Urban Pennsylvania School System
Michelle Wallach, Mark Lesh, and Sandra Chabot, Bethlehem Area School District, PA, USA; Dr. Joseph Shosh, Morvian College, PA, USA; Dr. Jean McNiff, York St John University, York, England

Workshop Session Summaries

Principles for Education, Culture, and Formation of an Environmental Conscience- Action Research
Ruben Dario Amaya Morales, Environmental Conscience Association

The Impact of Action Research in Mathematics Education: Co-developing Field-tested Teacher Resources in Fractions
Shelley Yearley, Ontario Ministry of Education, ON, Canada; Dr. Cathy Bruce, Tara Flynn, and Sarah Bennett, Trent University

Ámbitos de Investigación alrededor de la Investigación Formativa: Método y resultados en la perspectiva de la Investigación-Acción
Dr. John Freddy Ramírez Casallas, del grupo Investigacion Formativa Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Ibaque, Colombia

Online Action Research Outside of the University: The Use of Online Tutorial Materials
Dr. Margaret Riel, Pepperdine University, CA, USA

Action Research and Student Choice: How a North Korean Prison Camp Escapee Led to the Creation of a Nuclear Proliferation Module
Nathan Snyder, NYC iSchool, NY, USA

Action Research and The Common Core: A Workshop Sponsored by the PA Working Group
Kathleen Riley, West Chester University of PA, USA; Connie DiLucchio, West Chester University of PA, USA; Joseph Shosh, Moravian College, PA, USA; Heather Leaman,West Chester University of PA, USA

Roundtable Dialogues/Panel Discussions

TIC en las prácticas pedagógicas de los formadores de docentes de la IBYCENECH
Dr. Karina Alejandra Cruz Pallares and Karla Carol Perdomo Lajas, Chihuahua, México

How Can We Co-construct New Knowledge About Our Practice for the Benefit of Our Student Teachers?
Jenny Carpenter and Madelaine Lockwood, York St John University, York, UK

Poster Session Presentations

Grammar in L1 for Pupils 8-11 Years Old
Caroline Doktar, Doctoral Student, Stipendieforskare på Åbo Akademi University, NC, USA

Working Group Summaries

ARNA Pennsylvania Working Group: Developing and Maintaining Connections for Action Research
Dr. Kathleen Riley and Dr. Connie DiLucchio, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, PA

Early Childhood Education Working Group Session Summary 2014 ARNA Conference
Dr. Candace Kaye, New Mexico State University, NM, USA; Dr. Mina Kim, San Francisco State University, CA, USA

School Counselors Interest Group Report
Suzy Thomas, Saint Mary’s College of California, CA, USA




Polush, E., Flynn, T., Hill, J., Leaman, H., & Martinez, J. (Eds.). (2014). Proceedings of the 2014 Conference of the Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA). Bethlehem, USA: ARNA.

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