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ARNA is pleased to present the Proceedings from our 2015 Conference in Toronto, Canada. As in last year’s inaugural Proceedings, contributors to the present volume include action researchers, practitioner-researchers, and university scholars from all over the Americas and a number of other countries.

The collection again gives you a sense of the diversity of voices active in action research and the wide range of interests and approaches being explored in the Americas and within the global action research community.

Read the full Preface by Lonnie Rowell, Chair, ARNA Coordinating Group.

ARNA Mission Statement
The Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) unites college and university students and faculty conducting prac
tioner inquiry into teaching and learning with fellow action researchers in public schools, private schools, community settings and workplaces throughout the Americas. ARNA members are committed to taking action locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally to promote action research that is conducted with a commitment to honesty, integrity, inclusiveness, multi-vocality, engagement, and achievement within sustainable democratic societies.

Editorial Team Members
Elena Polush, Lead Editor, USA
Tara Flynn, Associate Editor, Canada
Jamie Hill, Webmaster, Associate Editor, USA
Heather Leaman, Associate Editor, USA
Nathan Snyder, Associate Editor, USA
Nathalis G. Wamba, Associate Editor, USA

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