2019 Proceedings

The following proceedings were submitted following attendance of ARNA 2019 in Montreal, Québec, Canada under the theme of "Repoliticizing P/AR: From Action Research to Activism".

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Contributing to Moving Action Research to Activism with Living Theory Research
Jack Whitehead

Educational Research and Knowledge Creation: Mechanisms for Social Transformation?
Marie Huxtable

Entre la agencia y el extractivismo en la investigación con comunidades en contextos universitarios: El caso de la investigación posdoctoral “Cuerpos femeninos y poder en el pacífico colombiano”
Alejandra Bello-Urrego

La Bioética de la Intervención y la IAP como herramientas para construir vínculos de solidaridad crítica entre las comunidades y la academia.
Alejandra Bello-Urrego & Atanacia Gamboa Rosero

Lesson-planning designed with participatory, collaborative pedagogy to enhance critical socio-political activism in a university context
Luis Alberto D’Elia

Realizing Educational Change Through Shared Autonomy: Design Thinking and the NEXTschool Initiative
Aron Rosenberg, Ellen MacCannell, Vanessa Gold, Amy Caesar, & Lisa Starr

Report on a Town Hall/Workshop at ARNA 2019 in Montreal: Come and join us in an exciting dialogue: ‘from action research to activism with a global community of Living Educational Theory researchers.’
Jacqueline Delong, Marie Huxtable & Jack Whitehead

Self-Encouragement as a Tool of Enquiry
Margaret Wadsley

The STAR-ARC Shines Forward - Current Initiatives of Supporting the Teaching of Action Research (STAR) Community
Margaret Riel, Linda Purrington, Teri Marcos, Clotilde Lomeli Agruel, Kathy Schaefer, Jennifer Robins, Geitza Rebolledo, Christine Lechner, & Carlos Chiu

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