Transition Year Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio for Transition Year 2020/2021 in Hazelwood College!

About Me


My name is Grace Noonan.

This is my transition year portfolio

I like to play sport and music.

I'm really glad I chose to do TY. It has given me so many opportunities to try out new things and gain experience. I also think that this year has given me the chance to develop as a person and actually fully enjoy school instead of constantly focusing on the books!

I've improved so much in many different areas, such as self-management, self-confidence, socialising and time management. I also feel more prepared going into fifth year. This year gave me the break I didn't realise I needed and I'm grateful for that!

This year we had 3 terms in TY:

  • Term 1 September - Halloween

  • Term 2 November - Christmas

  • Term 3 January - Summer

You can learn all about the different areas of transition year below, just click on the name:

We studied a different topic with a different teacher each term

e.g. Maths

We studied a total of 15 leaving cert option subjects, 5 each term

e.g. Biology

These subjects are specific to TY, we usually have them after lunch

e.g. Theatre & Stage

Here are the trips and activities we had during the year

e.g. Ballyhass Lakes

Here are some of the online courses I completed when in lockdown

e.g. IACT Online Courses