Working from Home

This page is for employees who need to work off-campus on an as-needed basis, or when approved for the C-WFH Program.


Many University systems and services are available from off-campus locations and can be accessed world wide. This page will let you know if any special steps need to be taken based on the systems and services you need to access.

Any special steps needed?

No, connect now:

No, connect now:

No, connect now: Cardinal Learn.

No, connect now: Cardinal Students.

No, connect now: Cardinal Faculty and Staff.

Yes, connect to VPN first: learn how.

Yes, connect to VPN first, then use Remote Desktop: learn how.

Technology for working from home

There are several technologies that facilitate working off-campus, each of which is described in detail on its own set of web pages.

How to securely connect your off-campus computer to the campus network, and, if needed, remote-control your Windows office computer.

How to create or participate in meetings remotely using Zoom video conferencing.

How to create or participate in meetings remotely using Google Meet video conferencing.

How to receive and make work calls from your remote location without revealing your personal phone number.