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THANKS for stopping by . . UPDATES and more INFORMATION on the way shortly!!! - Mr. R.

Welcome to the Benjamin Logan Elementary Art Room website. As we venture into a new year, this will continue to be "Home Base" for all things BLES ART related.

Feel free to share links and virtual content with all of our extended Ben Logan family, and THANKS for taking a moment to stop by! - Mr. R.

CLICK around . . there are lots of creative things to be shared!!


THANK-YOU so much to all of those who donated Cleaning Supplies to the Elementary Art room over the past few weeks!! Your kindness and generosity are MUCH appreciated!

We're pretty well stocked up for now . . if anything else comes to mind I'll continue to post here. Thanks again:)


Mr. Reese

"Quote of the Day"

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Addison R. - 5th Grade

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