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We were extremely fortunate to have TWO visiting Artists at Benjamin Logan Elementary this year!! Through local LOCO Arts grant funding, Ohio Mosaic Artist Vicki Murphy set up shop with us in September for a week of classes. Her positive spirit and amazing Artistry now remain with us as three "Peace Poles" located outside out building.

In December musician, songwriter, and all-around Artist Sam Bartlett visited some of our morning classes while on a local residency in Bellefontaine. Students got to 'hands-on' create one of Sam's "Cranky Shows" . . and then see it performed in our Elementary commons area:)

A year cut short, for sure, but also an enjoyable one in many ways!

I kind of forgot all about this video until I started thinking about Sam and the "Cranky" residency!! Mrs. McPherson's 4th grade "Raider Reporters" were on the ball during that time, and put together this little gem of a production. It gives you a hint of the Art, the Fun, and the Love we all shared. THANKS to all:)

"Quote of the Day"

“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.”

― Oscar Wilde

One of the things I enjoy collecting is a Good Quote. Sometimes a few simple words can brighten your day:) And, working alongside so many clever artists, I'm often inspired by the amazing things that the students say. So, as often as possible, I will try to share some witty, clever, funny, insightful words with you!

For the past couple of years I have utilized the Artsonia website to showcase student artworks for parents, grandparents, and extended families to share outside of the Ben Logan Art room. Aside from seeing the artworks up close, it serves as a nice way to sneak a peek at our Elementary Art projects:)

Guess I FORGOT to make "The Giving Tree" Read-Aloud accessible to you, the adoring public!? Ole Pops is NOW ready to share his story with you, whenever you are:)

Feel free to check out our page . . just be careful you don't get lost elsewhere in the YouTube universe!!

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