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You must read your Deal Memo, contracts and Production Memos fully.

We have received multiple reports that contracts are being issued under different terms to those that have been verbally agreed at the time of confirmation.

Issues reported include:

  • Overtime being paid incorrectly

  • Unpaid Prep & Wrap added to the contract

  • Travel not being paid correctly

  • Broken Turn Arounds, especially on night shoots & travel, not being paid correctly

  • Hidden clauses that state the agreement overrides any Guild or Union Agreement.

  • The right to seek advice from 3rd parties (inc union & lawyers) in the event of dispute.

If you sign these contracts, you are not only signing your rights away, but also the rights of all other sparks who are trying to maintain the agreements that we have all fought so hard to maintain.

See our Contracts Page for more information

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BECTU supports this industry-wide initiative from "Share My Telly Job" to encourage off-screen TV Workers to record working hours, so researchers will be able to build an accurate picture of how hours worked correlates to pay, ethnicity, gender, (dis)ability, class origin and regionality, as well as the impact on health and safety issues and workforce well-being.