Voting Entity Issues

Guidelines for Presenting Voting Entity Issues to CSC

a. Local Voting Entity discusses an issue and forms a recommendation to resolve that issue by using the group conscience process. This issue and recommendation is called a Voting Entity Issue (VEI) [Our local Voting Entity is Southern California CoDA]

b. Voting Entity drafts the VEI, completes the VEI form, and sends it to the Board of Trustees via From this point of submission, all email communication concerning the VEI from all parties must copy

c. Board sends email confirmation acknowledging receipt of the VEI to the Voting Entity within 14 days.

d. Voting Entity Issues (VEI) may be submitted at any time of the year. Submission is not limited to the CSC

submission deadline.

e. Board assigns the VEI to either the board or the appropriate committee within 30 days of acknowledging receipt of VEI. Board notifies the VE at the time the VEI is assigned.

f. Assigned Board or committee examines the issue and through group conscience, develops a response or written plan to address or resolve the VEI within 90 days of being assigned. During the response/plan development, it’s important that the assignee and the VE collaborate, communicate transparently, and work together towards a mutually agreeable plan, in service to the VE.

g. The VEI may not dishonor or be in conflict with any By-laws, Steps, Traditions or legal considerations. If so, in it’s written response, the assigned Board or committee must cite specific reasons for the conflict.

h. Assigned Board or Committee, in collaboration with the VE, may develop a motion to be presented at the CSC.

i. In the event the VE is not satisfied with the response or plan from the Board or assigned Committee, the VE retains the right to draft and submit a motion to the next CSC using the electronic motion form available on the CoDA website. The motion must not dishonor any by-laws or legal considerations, and must meet all criteria for presenting a motion. (See procedures for submitting CSC items in part 4 of the FSM). The VE may request assistance from the IMC in drafting and presenting the motion.

j. The Issues Mediation Committee (IMC) will monitor the progress of the VEI to ensure the process is being followed and the timelines are being met.

k. The VE Delegate is responsible for following up on the status of their Voting Entity issues and reporting back to their membership.

6.28.20 from CoDA International

CoDA International hosts monthly online recovery workshops called Fellowship Forums. One topic was "How to Make a Voting Entity Issue: How to Get My Individual Voice Heard at the World Service Level." It is the very first workshop recording listed on our Fellowship Forums page.