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2019 CoDA World Service Conference Survey

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Representatives from regional CoDA communities around the world are meeting in Atlanta, Georgia for the CoDA World Service Conference Sept 9-12th. They'll be voting on changes to CoDA procedures, literature and more. If you'd like to, please fill out the survey below so our Southern California representatives can carry your vote to the world level to be included in these decisions. See some materials referenced in the survey below, full links here on (scroll to bottom) or download Complete Voting Packet Zip File. Thank you! Have any questions? Send an email to

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Some materials referenced in the survey:

2019 CoDA Service Conference Motion Outcome Summary

The 2019 CoDA Service Conference produced the following approved motions. The Motion Key number accompanying each motion is provided so that interested CoDA members can read up on the details of any motion in the Motions Database at


  • Motion 19010 – #1 Sought assignment of literature from Voting Entities to Literature, counter to motions 17001 and 17002 from 2017. Motion Key 5046 Motion tabled, then withdrawn.

  • Motion 19011 – #2 Revision of What is CoDA? Motion Key 5047 Passed unanimously.

  • Motion 19012 – #3 Revision to Attending Meetings as version 2.0, Motion Key 5048 Passed unanimously.

  • Motion 19013 – #4 Revision of Am I Codependent? Motion Key 5049 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19014 – #5 Revision of Welcome to Codependents Anonymous Motion Key 5050 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • These four motions were passed, to be presented as a handout for newcomers.


  • Motion 19015 – #1 Committee offered the Introduction and Guide to a 12 Step Study Group that it created, to be used as a downloadable service item. Motion Key 5052 Passed unanimously.


  • Motion 19016 – #1 Bylaw Change – Article 4, Section 2. Open up the definition of a Voting Entity to create a more inclusive CoDA World structure. Motion Key 5053 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19017 – #4 Increase total amount of Grants afforded to Delegates to encourage attendance at CSC. Motion Key 5054 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19018 – #3 Bar holding position as Committee Chair and Voting Entity Delegate simultaneously. Motion Key 5055 Passed by simple majority.

  • Motion 19019 – #2 Committees that do not fulfill the requirements for a standing world committee, as defined in Motion 18001, will be demoted to work group status. Motion Key 5056 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19020 – #5 No Chair of a standing committee may serve as a full member on another standing committee. Motion Key 5057 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19021 – #6 Allow for longer time between deadline for motions and reports and their posting on the website. Motion Key 5058 Withdrawn.

Service Structure Committee

  • Motion 19022 - #1 Removed the words ‘and Board approved’ from the wording on the 1990 motion on the use of outside literature at CoDA meetings. Motion Key 5059 Passed unanimously.

  • Motion 19023 – #2 Further refined motion 17031 to permit the Service Structure Committee to make changes to the FSM without the need for a motion at the CSC, where such changes enhance clarity, change descriptions but do not alter the responsibilities of the Board or Committees or add to the Glossary. Motion Key 5060 Passed unanimously.

  • Motion 19024 – #3 Amend three portions of part 2 of the Fellowship Service Manual, to update or clarify the text. Motion Key 5061 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19025 – #4 Replace part 4 of the FSM with revised version submitted. Note: The combined Motion/VEI Form that was included in this motion was later withdrawn as it had not been discussed. Motion Key 5062 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19026 - #5 Sought to replace existing Service Concepts with a revised and abbreviated version of the Twelve Service Concepts. Motion Key 5063 Withdrawn.

Spanish Outreach

  • Motion 19027 – #1 Directs CoRe to provide, within six months from end of the 2019 CoDA Service Conference, all translated Spanish literature in printed and digital format (Kindle and/or iBook): books, manuals, pamphlets, etc. Motion Key 5064 Passed unanimously.


  • Motion 19028 – #1 Change definition of ‘days of service’ in section 3 of the forthcoming Expense Reimbursement Policy (ERP). Motion Key 5065 Withdrawn

  • Motion 19029 – #2 Remove the second bullet in the ERP Policy Section 3B: Lodging “Trusted Servants who live within a 50-mile commuting distance of a meeting venue are not eligible for reimbursement of overnight lodging.” Motion Key 5066 Withdrawn

NorCal Voting Entity Issue – Literature

  • Motion 19030 – #1 Sought approval of the Twelve Tips for Sponsors, available on the CoDA website as a free download of a CoDA-approved service item. This item was introduced last year as a NorCal VEI and has been under review since the 2018 CSC. Motion Key 5067 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19031 – #2 Sought approval of Getting Started Working Steps 1, 2, and 3 –Using the 30 Questions as a CoDA-approved service item. This item was introduced last year as a NorCal VEI and has been under review since the 2018 CSC. Motion Key 5068 Passed with 2/3 majority.

Ad Hoc Committee

  • Motion 19032 –#1 Delineated tasks that devolve to the Fellowship versus those that devolve to the corporate side of CoDA, in support of the spiritual purpose of the Fellowship. Motion Key 5069 Tabled.

  • Motion 19033 –#2 Sought to continue working toward goals established by CSC motion #18017, in collaboration with the Board and Standing Committees and to report back to the CoDA Service Conference in 2020. Sought $1,650 to send the Chair to CSC 2020. Motion Key 5070 Passed with 2/3 majority.

Finance Committee

  • Motion 19034 – #1 Sought acceptance of the new Expense Reimbursement Policy (ERP), effective April 22, 2019, that was revised to comply with IRS guidelines to maintain the not for profit status of CoDA, Inc. Motion Key 5071 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19035 – #2 Sought to change the name of Travel Reimbursement Opportunities (TROs) to Delegate Grants, and make payments to the Voting Entity (VE) and not directly to the delegate in compliance with new Expense Reimbursement Policy. Motion Key 5072 Withdrawn

CoRe Board

  • Motion 19036 – #1 Proposed to allow Events and the local host community to set up, man and disassemble the CoRe literature sales tables at the CSC/ICC, with CoRe playing a supporting role going forward in terms of supply. Motion Key 59073 Passed Unanimously.

Colorado Voting Entity Issue

  • Motion 19100 – #1 Sought to remove all reading requirements for CoDA meetings. Any two or more gathered for healthy and loving relationships may call themselves a CoDA meeting, provided they have no outside affiliation. Motion Key 5074 Assigned to Board.

Florida Voting Entity Issues

  • Motion 19101 – #1 Sought to add language in Tradition 11 to include social media. Motion Key 5075 Assigned to Service Structure Committee, which committee is working with Florida.

  • Motion 19102 – #2 Sought to Eliminate the words “try” and “but” from CoDA Literature, where appropriate, specifically in the Welcome and the Twelve Traditions. Motion Key 5076 Assigned to Service Structure Committee, which rejected the proposal as a change to the Foundational Documents.

Colombia Voting Entity Issues

  • Motion 19103 – #1 Requests participation in the Spanish translation of CoDA literature in order, ultimately, to allow for Colombia to provide for ALL CoDA previously authorized available literature- translation, editing, and printing to all Spanish speaking Central and South American, and Caribbean countries. Motion Key 5077 Assigned to the Board.

  • Motion 19104 – #2 Sought to create an International Translation Committee, composed of members from different Voting Entities, whose aim would be to centralize the translation needs of CoDA, Inc. Motion Key 5078 Assigned to the Board.

CoDA Service Conference

  • Motion 19003 – Give voice to every CoDA member in attendance at the CoDA Service Conference 2019, but if you are not representing a Voting Entity that you identify yourself as a non-voting member. Motion Key 5084 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19006 – Amends Motion #19003 to give voice to every CoDA member in attendance, except Webinar attendees who would communicate via chat, at the CoDA Service Conference 2019, but if you are not representing a Voting Entity that you identify yourself as a non-voting member. Motion Key 5088 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19052 – Motion from the floor to add 30 seconds of silence before actual voting of a motion. Motion Key 5095 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19053 – Accept the 2020 Budget. Motion Key 5096 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 19054 – Florida VEI #1 recast as follows: add the words "and all other public forms of media" after the words "press, radio, films" in Tradition 11. The modified Tradition will read: Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films and all other public forms of media. Motion Key 5097 Passed by simple majority.

The preceding info was from The CoDA Board Of Trustees,

Sept 9-12th, 2019

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