Most meetings have CoDA Literature available for purchase.

Prices range from 45 cents to around $15.


Looking to order literature as your meeting's Literature person or for yourself? You can order from CoDA Resource Inc. publishing company (CoRe) or from the LA CoDA Literature Subcommittee.


LA CoDA may save you money because LA CoDA buys in bulk. CoRe ships directly to you and items may arrive more quickly. There's no right or wrong way. We suggest doing what feels best to you or your meeting.


Codependents Anonymous, Book

  • In-depth readings on recovery Steps and Traditions, our Fellowship, common questions, and personal stories from codependents.

Codependents Anonymous Pocket Edition, Book

  • In-depth readings on recovery Steps and Traditions, our Fellowship and common questions. Same as above without the personal stories.

12 Steps and 12 Traditions, Workbook

  • Takes the reader through the Steps & Traditions with a brief explanation followed by a series of questions. For individual or group study. Now spiral bound.

In This Moment Daily Meditation, Book

  • Daily meditation book on codependency. Each reading is a member's experience.


Peeling the Onion, Booklet

  • Characteristics of Codependents revisited. Codependents look at love, sex & relationship addiction and avoidance.

Tools for Recovery, Booklet

  • Members share experience, strength & hope with different tools useful in their recovery.

Common Threads of Codependency, Booklet

  • Codependents talk about codependency, recovery, relapse and authenticity.

Making Choices, Booklet

  • Offers guidance in recognizing how to make choices that support our recovery. Explores healthy vs. codependent behaviors in various circumstances.

Carrying the Message, Booklet

  • Practical examples of healthy service work essential to the continuation of any meeting and to CoDA as a whole. How to say “yes” to service work.

Building CoDA Community: Healthy Meetings Matter, Booklet

  • Recommendations that contribute to safe, strong, healthy meetings.

12 Piece Relationship Toolkit, Booklet

  • The purpose of this booklet is to serve as a companion to CoDA’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook in support of our Tradition Three, a desire for healthy and loving relationships.

Traditionally Speaking: Finding Solutions, Booklet

  • This booklet expands our understanding of CoDA’s Twelve Traditions. Members share their experience in applying the spiritual principles of CoDA meetings and service work to improve all their relationships: in CoDA, at home, at work, and everywhere.


Newcomers Handbook, Handbook

  • A detailed description of the CoDA program. Includes copies of key documents used in recovery and meetings. Now in booklet size for easier reading.

Sponsorship: What's In It For Me?, Handbook

  • Addresses both sides of sponsorship. Explains why we need sponsors and identifies some of the personal benefits gained from sponsoring others.

12 Step Handbook, Handbook

  • A detailed look at each of the Twelve Steps and how they apply to daily life.

Experiences with Crosstalk, Handbook

  • Experience, strength, and hope on what crosstalk is and how some members deal with it. Useful for groups.


What is CoDA?, Pamphlet

  • An introduction to Co-Dependents Anonymous. Features a basic list of characteristics for self-evaluation. Also available in an unfolded pack of 100 at bulk price.

Am I Codependent?, Handbook

  • Lists patterns and characteristics of codependency.

Welcome to Codependents Anonymous, Pamphlet

  • Includes the CoDA Welcome and the Twelve Steps. Perfect for the newcomer.

Attending Meetings, Pamphlet

  • Explains how CoDA meetings work and how to participate.

Communication and Recovery, Pamphlet

  • A look at old (codependent) patterns of communication & how healthier communication can be learned.

Establishing Boundaries, Pamphlet

  • An explanation of boundaries, an exploration of different types of boundaries and how they can be established and maintained in a healthy way.

Using the 12 Traditions, Pamphlet

  • An explanation of each of the Twelve Traditions and how to apply them.

Your First Meeting, Pamphlet

  • A pamphlet aimed at clients of professionals and new members. Also available in an unfolded pack of 100 with bulk pricing.

Information for Professionals, Pamphlet

  • An introduction of Co-Dependents Anonymous for the Professional. Ideal for counselors, doctors, or other professionals working in the recovery field. Combined with “Your First Meeting” it makes excellent Outreach Material.


Affirmations Booklet

  • A pocket-size collection of positive affirmations for recovering codependents.A pocket-size booklet containing a collection of positive affirmations for recovering codependents.


  • Set of four bookmarks including CoDA’s Steps, Traditions, Promises and Strengths.

CoDA Prayers

  • This is a collection of Prayers from Conference Approved Literature.

CoDA Institutional Meeting Handbook

  • (Free when downloaded from CoDA program information & general information for having a CoDA meeting in jails, prisons, and institutions.


Monthly Chips

  • Some meetings hand out chips & medallions to celebrate time in program. These colorful chips mark 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 months and newcomer arrivals.

Yearly Medallions

  • Some meetings hand out chips & medallions to celebrate time in program. These medallions mark yearly anniversaries.


Speaker CDs

  • 13 CDs available. Can be used in place of lead shares for Speaker-style meetings. CoDA members share on the following topics:
  1. Personal Sharing on the Twelve Steps
  2. Codependency & Shame
  3. Newcomers & Sponsorship
  4. I Feel Like I've Come Home
  5. Turning Points
  6. Walking My Road of Happy Destiny
  7. How Empty of Me to Be So Full of You
  8. Hope For A New Day | I Thought I'd Be Happy As An Adult
  9. The Promises | A Pocket Full of Anger
  10. I Didn't Need Anyone Anymore | I Don't Surrender Easily
  11. The Greatest Gift | CoDA Is God’s Program | The Wildest Thing
  12. I Have a Family Today | Look Within | Women’s Issues
  13. Who’s Got My Soul | My Inner Child | Relationships and Intimacy

Group Service Representatives (GSRs) can restock on updated Meeting Lists and "Recovery from Codependency" pamphlets at the monthly LA CoDA Intergroup meeting at no charge.

It works if you work it, and you're worth it.