Meets: Group conscience meetings are held the first Monday of each month 7:00-8:00pm, via conference call or Zoom. Email virtualoffice @ for login. Prerequisite: Anyone who is a member of an LA CoDA meeting and is willing to serve. No website-building experience needed.

Documents 2017-2018 Click for protocols & meeting minutes

Documents 2019-2022 Click for protocols & meeting minutes

The Virtual Office (Website) Subcommittee volunteers designate the webmaster and provide the following services:

  1. Maintains the LA CoDA website for use by LACC Sub-Committees, LACC Officers, and CoDA members.

  2. Posts the most recent accepted LACC Minutes, Treasurer’s report, upcoming LACC Agenda, CoDA events flyers, Proposed LACC Yearly Budgets, and other information.

  3. Collects and maintains the contact information of LACC Officers, Standing Sub-Committee Chairs, GSRs, and other LACC participants, and makes that information available those in LA CoDA who request it.

  4. Cooperates with the Literature Sub-Committee in the storage and distribution of digital CoDA literature, CoDA pamphlets, meeting start-up kits, and other CoDA-endorsed literature.

  5. Cooperates with the Historian subcommittee in the storage and accessibility of historical data and documents including LACC Guidelines, LACC minutes, CoDA meeting lists and other CoDA Community Committee minutes and various other documents.

  6. Manages its current budget and submits a new budget for the next year.

  7. Cooperates with the Meeting List Sub-Committee in:

      • The updating and publication of the LA CoDA meeting list (LACC Guidelines, v 2.2.1) 10 / 23

      • Updating of the LA CoDA mailing- and phone-contact computer database.

      • Updating of the LA CoDA Meeting Information Line computer phone system.


Committee: Sub-Committee membership may include any person who is a member of a CoDA group within the scope of LA CoDA. The only requirement for membership is a willingness to serve.

Chair: Any member of a CoDA group within the scope of LA CoDA may hold office as a Sub-Committee Chairperson, provided they have:

  1. At least one year active in the CoDA program working the Twelve Steps

  2. A working familiarity with the Twelve Traditions

  3. Attended at least four LACC meetings and four meetings of the Sub-Committee that they intend to chair. Under certain circumstances, the meeting attendance requirement can be waived.

  • The Chair of the committee needs to be able to attend the monthly Intergroup meeting and/ or provide a written report on subcommittee monthly progress.


Check the LA CoDA Guidelines for more information.


If you're interested in being a part of the Virtual Office committee, you don't have to participate in each task. Whatever is resonating with you can be enough.

Contact for more info.

You are also welcome to attend the monthly LA CoDA Intergroup meeting the second Saturday of each month to get a feel for if you're interested.