• How is a meeting defined? A CoDA meeting is two or more people who:

  1. meet for the purpose of developing healthy and loving relationships

  2. read the four foundational documents each time they meet

  3. follow CoDA's 12 Steps & 12 Traditions

  4. register their meeting with

  • What is needed to start a new meeting? A place, a time, and a few people willing to commit to the meeting for the first 6 months. A way to start a meeting with a real sense of community is to have a group for group conscience from the beginning. It is wise to choose a time that is convenient to a large number of people.

  • Location—Meetings can be held almost anywhere. Try area churches, synagogues, counseling centers, hospitals or places where other groups are held. Though each group is autonomous, for reasons of safety and anonymity, CoDA cautions about holding meetings in individual homes. When choosing a meeting place, please keep in mind personal safety and anonymity.

  • CoDA Meeting Handbook—The section "Intro & Getting Started" on p. 5 has information about starting a meeting, attracting more members to an existing meeting, meeting documents and forms; used to be called the Meeting Starter Packet.

  • Literature Gift—LA CoDA will donate literature totaling up to $50 to any newly registered meeting in the greater LA area to offset starting costs and carry the message. The new meeting gets to choose the pieces of literature; contact for more information.

  • LA CoDA tear-off flyer—one way to increase attendance while carrying the message is to post flyers in public places. Always ask permission before posting in markets, coffee shops, libraries, community centers, hospitals, and other locations. Meetings with extra funds and willing members make as many or as few copies as they wish.

  • LA CoDA eco-friendly flyer—same as above, but instead of tear-off strips at the bottom, this flyer encourages people to snap a picture with their phone.

Check out this page for resources

  • Registration—all official LA CoDA meetings must be registered in two places:

  1. with World CoDA (CoDA, Inc.) Mail in the paper copy, email or click here to register online.

  2. with LA CoDA. After your new meeting is listed on World CoDA's site (, contact LA CoDA at with your meeting's info & a link to the listing