LASSO - Available Instruments


  1. Light and Spectroscopy Concept Inventory (LSCI)

  2. Star Properties Concept Inventory (SPCI)

  3. The Test Of Astronomy STandards (TOAST)


  1. Basic Tree Thinking Assessment 1 (BTTA 1)

  2. Basic Tree Thinking Assessment 2 (BTTA 2)

  3. Biology Concepts Instrument (BCI)

  4. Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey (CLASS) - Biology

  5. Concept Inventory of Natural Selection (CINS)

  6. Conceptual Assessment of Natural Selection (CANS)

  7. Genetics Concept Assessment (GCA)

  8. Introductory Molecular and Cell Biology Assessment (IMCA)

  9. Microbiology concept inventory (MCI)

  10. Mutations Criterion Referenced Assessment (MuCRA)


  1. Acid Strength Concept Inventory (ACID I)

  2. Attitude toward the Subject of Chemistry Inventory (ASCI)

  3. Bonding Representations Inventory (BRI)

  4. Chemical Concepts Inventory (CCI)

  5. Chemistry Concepts Inventory I (CCI1)

  6. Chemistry Concepts Inventory II (CCI2)

  7. Chemistry Expectations Survey (CHEMX)

  8. Chemistry Self-Concept Inventory (CSCI)

  9. Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey (CLASS) - Chemistry

  10. Enthalpy and Entropy in Dissolution and Precipitation Inventory (E2DPI)

  11. Enzyme–Substrate Interactions Concept Inventory (ESICI)

  12. Flame Test Concept Inventory - Atomic Emissions and Flame Test (FTCI)

  13. Meaningful Learning in Laboratory Instruments (MLLI)

  14. Quantization and Probability Representations Inventory (QuPRI)

  15. Reaction Coordinate Diagram Inventory (RCDI)

  16. Redox Concept Inventory (ROXCI)

  17. General Chemistry II Concepts Inventory (GCCI)

Computer Science

  1. Basic Data Structures Inventory (BDSI)

  2. Second Computer Science 1 (SCS1)


  1. Electromagnetic Concepts Inventory - Fields (EMCIF)

  2. Electromagnetic Concepts Inventory - Fields & Waves (EMCIFW)

  3. Electromagnetic Concepts Inventory - Waves (EMCIW)

  4. Fluid Mechanics Concept Inventory (FMCI)

  5. Heat Transfer Concepts Inventory (HTCI)

  6. Materials Concept Inventory (MCI)

  7. Thermodynamics Concept Inventory (TCI)

  8. Graphics Concept Inventory (GCI)


  1. Calculus 1 Concept Inventory (C1CI)

  2. Calculus 2 Concept Inventory (C2CI)

  3. Calculus Concept Assessment (CCA)

  4. Calculus Concept Inventory (CCI)

  5. Math Self-Efficacy Scale - Revised (MSES-R)

  6. Test of Understanding of Vectors (TUV)


  1. AECCP Test on Simple Circuits (AECCP)

  2. Brief Electricity and Magnetism Assessment (BEMA)

  3. Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey (CLASS) - Physics

  4. Conceptual Survey of Electricity and Magnetism (CSEM)

  5. Energy and Momentum Conceptual Survey (EMCS)

  6. Force Concept Inventory (FCI)

  7. Force and Motion Concept Evaluation (FMCE)

  8. Mechanical Waves Conceptual Survey 2 (MWCS2)

  9. Mechanics Reasoning Inventory (MRI)

  10. Representational Competence of Fields Inventory (RCFI)

  11. Simple Circuits Assessments (SCA)

  12. Survey of Self-Efficacy in Science Courses - Physics (SOSESC - P)

  13. Two-tier Simple Electric Circuits test (2T-SEC test)

  14. Physics Inventory of Quantitative Literacy (PIQL)

Science (General)

  1. Lawson’s classroom test of scientific reasoning (LCTSR)

  2. Science Identity Survey (SIS)

  3. Test of Scientific Literacy Skills (TOSLS)

  4. Performance Failure Appraisal Inventory - STEM undergraduate (PFAI)


  1. Dweck Mindset Instrument (DMI)

  2. Metacognitive Awareness Inventory (MAI)

  3. The Perceived Group Inclusion Scale (PGIS)

  4. Revised Implicit Theories of Intelligence (Self-Theory) Scale (RITIS)

  5. Short Grit Scale (GRIT-S)

Recommend an Assessment

The Learning Assistant Alliance (LAA) welcomes recommendations for new assessments to be added to the LASSO platform. On a monthly basis, the LAA Research Team will evaluate the requested assessment based on three criteria: the community's need for the assessment, the published validity arguments for the assessment, and the difficulty of implementing the assessment in LASSO. The Research Team will provide a summary of their evaluation and the priority for adding the assessment to the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council will review the evaluation and provide feedback to the Research Team. The Research Team will let the individual requesting know the final decision for the instrument and an estimated timeline for adding it to the LASSO platform.

Click here to access the recommendation form.