Joanne Baeth Quilts

Exploring fiber arts and nature have taken me on a journey that has allowed me to create artwork from fabric and thread. It is a journey that has been a wonderful learning experience and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

I am fortunate to live in an rural area in southeastern Oregon with wetlands, refuges, forests, and lakes nearby. This amazing area is the largest migration route in the Pacific Northwest for over 300 species of birds. I became inspired by the wildlife and nature surrounding me and started taking photographs and drawing birds, animals and landscapes. My husband and I are in the outdoors often which gives me the opportunity to observe wildlife in settings that are different with each season.

Through books, classes, and my own discovery, I have learned to machine quilt, thread paint, dye, and paint fabric. Drawing appeals to me because if my image isn’t quite right, I can erase it and start again. The same is true for fiber arts. If part of the fabric picture isn’t right, I can remove fabric in small or large areas before it is stitched down. I can then start over with different shapes, colors and textures. I also enjoy the altering of fabric and creating my own fabrics. Raw edge applique, hand applique, and trapunto are techniques I use.

I try to reflect the natural colors present in nature as animals blend into their surroundings. My goal is to create art quilts that resemble oil or watercolor paintings. Using dyes, inks, paints, threads, and different fabrics to achieve this goal is an artistic challenge I enjoy.

Thank you,

Joanne Baeth