Sonoran Desert Sunset

By Joanne Baeth and Kathy Adams

This is the second two person quilt that we have created together. We started by taking over 50 pictures of the Sonoran Desert close to Kathy’s home in Tucson. We chose 8 to 10 pictures that had sections that we liked and cut them out. We chose a sky , background desert, foreground desert etc. We taped them together to make a complete scene and then divided them up so that we were each doing 3 alternating sections. We had to do a lot of improvising and we live over 1000 miles apart, so we emailed pictures of our progress frequently and mailed the pieces back and forth. We got together once during the project and at the end to finish. This quit is a study of art techniques: thread painting, snippets, scrunching, over painting, couching, beading, heat distressing, and texture magic. Materials used were cottons, silks, rayons, foils, tulle, organzas, yarns, ribbons, beads ,inks, paints, puff paints, metallics, flower soft, and glitter. Joanne and Kathy quilted each of their three pieces and the sections were sewn together at the end.

42" x 62"

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