Sunset and Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes migrate to the area where I live in early March. In the evening I will hear their unusual call and look out my sewing room window and see them flying by, sometimes at eye level. The landscape in this quilt is my view of the fields in early spring and my neighbors barns off in the distance. the birds bodies were padded and stitched off the quilt and then stitched again when attached to the quilt. The wings in flight were constructed one feather at a time. The receding mountains in the background were made from scrunched fabric that was overpainted

48" x 54"

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2009 AQS Des Moines - Best Machine Workmanship

2010 Denver Quilt Festival - Best of Show

2010 International Quilt Festival - Pictorial - First Place

2011 Road to CA - Masterpiece Award

2011 Pacific West Quilt Show= Best of Show

2012 Quilt Odessey - Wall - First Place