Latif Mohammadi

Name: Abdullatif Mohammadi

Profile: Hazara refugee from Afghanistan, living in Indonesia.

Advantages: UN-certified, Professional in Muay Thai.

Risk: At risk of being tortured and killed by extremists if returned home.

Canadian contact: Stephen Watt

The people of Adullatif’s village burned his shop just because he was selling wine, and they made their way to his home to torture and kill him. Fortunately, he got the news before they could reach him, and he fled to Indonesia in 2014.

While living in Limbo, he did his best to keep himself positive and healthy, he has been practicing Muay Thai which has become his passion.

He is looking for a group of Canadian friends who can bring him to Canada where he can support his family and help society.

His Story

Abdullatif was born on May 5, 1994 in Malistan a village of the Jaghori district in Ghazni province in Afghanistan.

In 2014, he decided to do an arranged marriage, and one of his neighbors found a girl for him to marry, but she later turned out to be someone else’s lover. Her lover started threatening Latif and telling him to reject the girl. On the other side, the girl’s brothers threatened Latif not to reject her.

“It was so terrifying. I didn’t want to marry her but her brother had power in Afghanistan and they threatened me to death. I had no way to go.”

The Other Incident

Some months later, Abdullatif opened a shop of wine. He was able to continue his work for two months. After the people of his village came to know about his work, they burned his shop.

“I was at home when I heard that people had burned my shop and they had been coming to kill me, Hearing that, I fled from there.”

On September 5, 2014, he arrived in Kabul. He didn’t have any news of his family back in Jaghori.

His Way to Indonesia

In Kabul, he arranged for a people smuggler with the help of his maternal uncle, and he flew to New Delhi, India on September 20, 2014. After remaining three days in India, he flew to Malaysia on September 23, 2014 and stayed there for a week. In the same month, he arrived in Indonesia by boat.

“After some time, I finally heard the good news that my family had escaped to Iran.”

Life in Limbo

On September 29, 2014, he registered himself with the UNHCR office in Jakarta, Indonesia and started living in Bogor. With no right to work or way to support himself in the new country, he went to Makassar and registered himself at the Makassar Immigration Office to ask for assistance. After being held in the immigration centre for 3 months, he was transferred to a community house in Makassar.

Despite being deprived of his basic human rights, he continued practicing Muay Thai like a professional which helped him stay positive and healthy.

It Is Possible!

As a UNHCR refugee, Abdullatif Mohammadi is eligible for Canada’s private sponsorship program. There is a way for him to live a life with freedom. All he needs is to be sponsored by a group of five Canadian friends.

To help support Abdullatif as a sponsor, please contact Stephen Watt on Facebook.

You can also reach out to Latif directly on Facebook.

Reach out and discover how wonderful it is to privately sponsor a good person to start a new life – with your help – in Canada!

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