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Welcome to the DROPS International Platform for exchange and experience sharing.

"Drop by drop becomes a river"

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OUR goals

We aim at connecting all national Ecomuseum and Community Museum networks, existing or to be established, and all other heritage and landscape NGOs, in a virtual and interactive space.

Our purpose is the production of a multilingual documentary and a bibliographic pool of resources on ecomuseology and its best practices.


Why "Drops"? 

It is the metaphore used by Gerard Corsane at the 2016 ICOM General Conference.

This platform  resembles drops of water which join into rivers and, through rivers, meet the sea and reach the world.

“Network drop” can also indicate the hub of a computer network. 

MINOM 2024 Conference



Ecomuseums and SDGs


Translation of the book on climate change. LINK

Conference proceedings: '2023 Ecomuseums and climate change' LINK

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Read the invitation letter. Adopt and sign the Milan Cooperation Charter. Click here to compile the online membership form. 

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What can we do together?

#1 cooperative learning

#2 coaching

#3 inspire future together

#4 communications

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Perhaps there are other ways to imagine the range of tasks needed to create change within the museum world, that will translate into positive cultural change within communities and human systems. Write us your suggestions and share your projects!

Networks who joined us:

Let fill the world of drops...

We are working on the 17th sustainable development goal: revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

The UN Sustainable Development Goals represent the largest and most 'global' effort to effect change capable of setting humanity and the biosphere on a path towards a sustainable future.  (more on this page)

The Steering Committee of the DROPS platform:

Raul Dal Santo (Italia)

Hugues de Varine (France)

Óscar Navajas Corral (España)

Karen Brown (Scotland)

Heloisa Helena Costa (Brasil)

Douglas Worts (Canada)

Kazuoki Ohara (Japan) 

Technical Secretariat: 

Francesca Pandolfi (Italia)

Filedelfja Musteqja (Italia)

Gordana Milanović (Serbia)

Mustafa Dogan (Turkey)

My little world in Parabiago (Milan, Italy). 

If you have any questions, please contact us. Raul Dal Santo

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