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Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice” now has a blog and a Facebook Group

In 2017 a new initiative was formed in Canada to help support museums that aim to address one of the most challenging issues of our era – climate change. The Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice is guided by a group of museum leaders in Canada who believe that museums can play a vital role in mobilizing public understanding and action that will help mitigate climate change and adapt to the impacts that are already in play. >>Read more

La Ponte is an ecomuseum, managed by the local people, in which the heritage is institutionalised and the values of respect of the rural communities and their culture are transmitted. Besides, it is a place for encounters, learning and revitalisation, in which there are different components, such as research, workshops and other kind of activities, and in which it is possible to reflect on the problems of our surroundings. The ecomuseum works as a network, open to collaboration with other institutions.

La Ponte es un ecomuseo gestionado por población local donde se socializa el patrimonio cultural y se transmiten valores de respeto hacia las comunidades rurales y su cultura. Es además un espacio de encuentro, aprendizaje y dinamización donde se investiga, se realizan talleres y otro tipo de actividades, y donde se reflexiona sobre los problemas de nuestro entorno. El ecomuseo funciona como una red abierta a la colaboración con otras organizaciones.

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  • Call for partners - Richiesta di partners for the project Underneath all skies - The ecomuseums role in the landscape planning aesaggistica (Sotto tutti i cieli - Il ruolo degli ecomusei nella pianificazione paesaggistica), by / promosso dalla Rete degli ecomusei lombardi >>leggi di più

On 24 March 2016, the Steering Committee of EU-LAC-MUSEUMS had the privilege to attend the opening ceremony of the new display at San Vicente Ecomuseum in Costa Rica.

¿Para quienes hacemos el esfuerzo de mantener y renovar los museos comunitarios? Los jóvenes, dice doña Maribel lider del @Ecomuseo de la Cerámica Chorotega San Vicente en Guanacaste Costa Rica. Celebramos la apertura de la nueva exhibición permanente, proyecto impulsado por el @Museo Nacional de Costa Rica. La comunidad de San Vicente también será beneficiario del proyecto de intercambio juvenil, que inicia este año como parte de nuestro proyecto. #eulacmuseums #museoscomunitarios

For whom do we make the effort of maintaining and renovating community museums? For the younger generations, says Maribel, leader of the Ecomuseum of Chorotega Ceramic of San Vicente, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We celebrated the inauguration of the museums new permanent exhibition, a project supported by our partner the National Museum of Costa Rica. This community will also benefit from the youth exchange program that is part of our project. #communitymuseums


EU-LAC-MUSEUMS Website and Facebook page are now launched! Please Like us and Share:;

Il sito web e la pagina Facebook del progetto EU-LAC-MUSEUMS sono ora online! Per favore metti "Mi piace" e condividi:;


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SoMus - Society in the Museum: Study on cultural participation in European local museums.

Keywords: Sociomuseology, Innovative participatory management models, Museum X-Ray, Participatory methodologies

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