Webinars &

Online Learning

Has your organization begun to consider taking their educational platform to the web to reach more attendees or to enrich the learning experience? Having provided webinar training for our own business, as well as for our clients we recommend that associations start with a pilot program. BTF Enterprises can guide your organization in mapping out the many elements needed prior to launching a successful web-based educational program. Some of these include developing marketing material, testing the response of your members or industry, and analyzing the selected software prior to signing a term agreement.

Several factors to consider:

  • Will this be a live event?
  • If the event is live, will you record the event to market later in an ‘on demand’ capacity?
  • If your organization typically offers continuing education credit or units, how will you monitor attendance?
  • Do you want to try a live streaming video as an enhancement to promote your conference?
  • Do you have internal staff that will be able to assist presenters in preparing for the technology aspect?
  • Do you have support staff to assist attendees if they have challenges logging into the webinar?
  • What is the benefit of a vendor that provides their portal as a flash application?

BTF would be happy to assist your organization with any or all of the following: developing your program, choosing the right software, training your staff or speakers, providing ongoing support. Contact us today at 831-464-4880 or email us at webinars@btfenterprises.com to discuss the possibilities.