Financial Management

As an accredited AMC we know how important transparent financial management is to the health of the partnership between the AMC and the association. It is BTF’s policy that all client financial assets are maintained in accounts under their own name and registry. Under no circumstances will a client’s assets be co-mingled with those of BTF or any other client.

We work with volunteers who have various levels of skill and knowledge in financial management. It is our job to make sure all of our volunteers and Board members understand and stay informed of the association’s financial well-being. We offer guidance and education to Board members so they can successfully meet their fiduciary responsibility of ensuring that finances are being handled properly and the organization is healthy as it grows into the future.

When we partner with a new client, one of the first items is to work with their Treasurer, Finance Committee and Board to develop a system of checks and balances that provides oversight and timely financial management. We handle the daily financial operations in our own office and work with a CPA for year-end reports and tax preparation.

We are proud of saving thousands of dollars each year for all of our clients through responsible financial management of meeting expenditures, budgetary constraints, and thoughtful planning. We have managed the financial turnaround of three associations, one of which was more than $180,000 in debt. With careful cost management and financial diligence, we turned them into a profitable entity and began building their operating reserve within three years (less than the original estimated time frame).

Financial services include:

  • Banking
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budget development
  • Financial forecasting
  • Track fund allocation
  • Standardized accounting practices
  • Reporting
  • Tax return coordination