We have provided service to many clients over the years on full and partial service terms. BTF is happy to say that we still serve our first client who has been with us for 20 years. Over the years there have been numerous clients that we have had the pleasure to work with on either a full or partial service term.

Client Statistics: Membership and Event Sizes, Budgets, Industries Served, Organization Experience, etc.

Client List: Current and past full association management and partial service (event and database management) non-profit clients.

Testimonials: Video and written testimonials discussing board guidance, financial management, and event planning.

Case Studies: Several case studies illustrating strategic negotiations to reduce costs by $127,000 for one non-profit client, program restructuring which has successfully increased operational reserves, sponsorship program development that now provides $425,000 annually, marketing and communication plan development to support and grow membership, and the development of a new organization in partnership with an exsiting client.