"We can't thank you enough for all of the work 'above and beyond' that you seem to do so effortlessly." - M.G. Graham, Past President, ABVE

"...Our main objective was to increase service to our members, grow our membership and achieve financial independence...We saw substantial results toward our goal within six months of engaging BTF as our management team. They have continued to meet and exceed our expectations." - B. Martin, Past President, Past Treasurer, CADA

"The most significant part of our relationship is the fact that BTF is more than a service. The people in the office genuinely care about promoting CASL. They serve as consultants, when asked, and invariably give advice and ideas based on sound business and people practices."

-D. Shaffer, Past CASL State Coordinator

"You have taken a huge burden off our shoulders! You also continue to amaze me with your insight and wealth of knowledge. It has been a pleasure to work with such professionals." - S. Kurtz, Annual Conference Chair, AZA

"I think you guys are the best decision we ever made. You helped this organization get back on its feet through tough times. Great Teamwork." - J. Holoman, IARP Past President