Who We Are


BTF Enterprises is an Association Management Company (AMC) which provides full-time business and administrative management, project management, convention management, and consulting services to professional and trade associations. We were founded in 1991 and still manage our first client.

Combining proven business and management concepts with cost effective shared resources, BTF strives to enhance the effectiveness of our client programs and ensure their successful growth.

We have helped more than a dozen associations grow their programs and financial standing.

Our specialties are:

  • System analysis to make organization programs routine and efficient.

  • Operational management so the board does not have to worry about daily systems and can focus on governance and being the industry voice.

  • Financial management to ensure the board has accurate information to make decisions and to ensure all programs are in their financial targets.

We are passionate about how we help our clients and enjoy the immense diversity of our business. We get the opportunity to work with leaders in very different industries; from education to science to construction. We meet and work with 100s of volunteers yearly as they run programs and contribute to their organization. We feel fortunate to have found this industry and look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with others!