E-commerce Solutions

Is your organization currently considering developing an ecommerce store solution or upgrading your current online store? Is your estore working to provide your non-profit with non-dues revenue.

At BTF we are always test driving new systems and studying the latest products on the market. In addition to maintaining our knowledge base of available software, we have implemented and maintained shopping carts utilizing Internet4Associations, 1shoppingcart, and mycart.net

Several factors to consider:

  • What type of products will you be selling?
  • Will you have member and non-member pricing?
  • Do you offer bulk pricing?
  • Do you need to track stock on hand?
  • Do you want to be able to take back orders?
  • Do you want the shipping charges to be automatically calculated based on what is ordered?
  • If selling articles or other publications, do you need or want the ability for the individual to download an electronic copy as soon as they have successfully paid?

If your organization is looking for an unbiased resource to analyze your current system or strategize on developing a new system please give us a call at 831-464-4880 or contact us at estore@btfenterprises.com.