Full Service Management

Internet Communications & Technology

During our 20 years of management, we have stayed at the forefront of data technology. We have custom built our own database program when there was nothing suitable “off the shelf”, purchased databases tailored for association management that were housed on our server, and licensed web-based databases. Most recently, we have adapted to the latest social media and social networking integration. Through all of our experience and processes we are able to determine the best possible match between our clients and various technology solutions that can assist them in achieving their vision and providing member value. > read more

Board Development

We pride ourselves on excellent communications between our office and our clients and act as a liaison between the Board, committees and membership, interacting with all levels of the organizations infrastructure. > read more

Financial Management

As an accredited AMC we know how important transparent financial management is to the health of the partnership between the AMC and their client. We work with volunteers that have various levels of skill and knowledge in financial management. > read more

Membership Maintenance & Development

Membership is the backbone of every association. We have been able to substantially grow membership for our clients through a variety of strategies and tools. > read more

Certification Management/Maintenance

BTF Enterprises’ has over 12 years of experience in administering national certification exams as part of the full scope of services. In addition to maintaining the certification through application and CEU tracking / processing, we also provide marketing support to promote the credibility of the credential and the importance of upholding the organization’s standards and code of ethics. > read more

Event Management

BTF Enterprises has 20 years of experience producing over 1,400 conferences and events. We have managed events as small as 25 and as large as 6,500 attendees, as well as trade shows as small as 10 and up to 600 exhibitors. > read more

Administration & Management

BTF takes pride in our organizational skills. We believe in policies and procedures, timelines, and teamwork to achieve all tasks on or before deadlines. Toward that end, we document all of our procedures for each client and cross-train staff to handle contingencies. > read more

Graphics, Web Pages & Publications

Professional preparation and presentation is important to your image and membership information. Recent years have shown a steady trend toward utilizing electronic documents to avoid the large costs associated with printing and mailing. Every association is different regarding their need, and preferences. > view our portfolio