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BTF Enterprises stands out as a fully female-owned and operated Association Management Company that has consistently exceeded client expectations. Known for fair and ethical business practices, the company has built a reputation for delivering outstanding results for its clients, vendors, and employees.

The company's commitment to excellence is evident in its track record of guiding clients through program reorganizations, resulting in doubled conference attendance, reduced costs, and increased returns on investment. This strategic approach has allowed clients to weather economic challenges and build operational reserves even during difficult times such as recessions.

BTF Enterprises offers a comprehensive range of services, including full-service professional association management, project management, convention management, and consulting services. The company caters to non-profit trade and professional associations, societies, and other organizations. Additionally, BTF Enterprises collaborates as an allied partner with independently staffed associations that require extra support for a limited duration or expertise for specific projects or programs.

To explore how BTF Enterprises can contribute to the growth of associations and non-profit organizations, interested parties are encouraged to reach out by calling (831) 464-4880. The company's goals are outlined as follows:

These goals collectively reflect BTF Enterprises' commitment to providing exceptional services, fostering growth, and maintaining a high level of integrity in all its business dealings.

BTF Enterprises Provides a Solid Foundation

We realize that by protecting our own company, we are providing a strong foundation for our clients.  For that reason, we invest in making sure all of our systems are protected to ensure that our clients are secure; this includes our comprehensive insurance plan and we have a redundancy system in place protecting our network.

We also are passionate about staying on top of the latest trends and developments in association management. Many of those on our team hold various certifications for their area of expertise, and we support their attending association industry trainings and conferences; including ASAE, CalSAE and AMCI. This knowledge and the network we build are invaluable to our support of our clients.

Proud Members Of

BTF Enterprises Achieves AMC Institute Accreditation

BTF Enterprises under took the AMC Institute accreditation program as a voluntary process. Among 500-plus Professional Association Management Companies (AMC) worldwide, fewer than 100 have achieved AMC Institute Accreditation, demonstrating the commitment and the ability to deliver the highest level of professional management services to association and not-for-profit clients. This accomplishment demonstrates our commitment and ability to deliver the highest level of professional management services to association and not-for-profit clients.