Achieve Success With BTF

We have helped more than a dozen associations grow their member services and financial standing. Our specialty is refining administrative systems and programs to contain costs while expanding revenue growth. Our management-client team approach wins respect and long term relationship of our clients.

Financial Turnarounds

We are proud of saving thousands of dollars each year for all of our clients through responsible financial management of meeting expenditures, budgetary constraints, and thoughtful planning. We have managed the financial turnaround of three associations, one of which was more than $180,000 in debt. With careful cost management and financial diligence, we turned them into a profitable entity within three years (less than the original estimated time frame).

From Surviving to Thriving

One client we work with had only $5,000 in their savings when they hired us and now has over $750,000 in savings. Under the guidance of the BTF management team, they tripled their membership and generated over $300,000 in additional annual revenue streams. By virtue of the additional revenue, the association was able to form a subsidiary association and integrate their web page for online member services.

Cost Containment

You may view various case studies on our website that outlines how we have saved clients money by exploring alternate solutions or negotiating contracts on their behalf. In one instance during the recent recession, we saved one client over $125,000 and directly saved the attendees $100,000 through renegotiating and lowering hotel room rates. Visit our case studies page for more info.

Loyalty and Longevity

We still manage our first BTF client with whom we started working with in 1991.