Board Development

Building rapport and maintaining constant communication with our clients is the mainstay of our association management relationship. We pride ourselves on excellent communications between our office and non-profit clients and act as a liaison between the Board, committees and membership, interacting with all levels of the associations infrastructure. Working with the BTF team will allow greater mind-share and the ability for staff to present new ideas from our unique, association management view of the operations for the Board’s consideration.

We work closely with our non-profit association Boards to help them organize and prepare for Board meetings, usually working with the President to create agendas. In the interest of being timely and respectful of every member of the Board, part of our board guidance is asking for and developing a working agreement among Board members to be accountable for their contributions, submit their reports on time, and come to the meetings prepared.

  • Agenda and Meeting Preparation
  • Minutes
  • Accommodations
  • Communication
  • Nominations / Elections