Job Board

Jobs Board/Career Center

A well maintained job board or career center can benefit your members, as well as provide a non-dues revenue stream for your association. There are numerous programs on the market that offer a variety of features. BTF Enterprises has continued to stay up to date on the latest software currently available and how associations are applying this technology. If your association is considering an online job board or career center, please contact us today. We can assist you in developing the best strategy and deciding on the right platform for your association’s needs and budget.

Several factors to consider:

  • Will this be a members only benefit or will it be a tool used to bring prospective members to your association's site?
  • What mediums will be used to market this new program to your members and your industry?
  • Who will manage the customer support?
  • How will the billing and collections be handled?
  • Will this system work in conjunction with your print publications or will it be a standalone product?

We would be happy to work with the association’s staff, board and/or committee to determine how your members (corporate or individual) can best benefit from this type of system. We invite you to Contact us today at 831-464-4880 or contact us at and use our expertise and research to narrow your search and implementation time.