Turn that PDF of your trade show floor plan into a fully interactive tool for you, your exhibitors and your attendees!

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The History

As an Association Management Company, we found the virtual floor plan to be a great tool for our clients; however we could not find something to fit our exact needs and budget. Many of the Virtual Trade shows in the market were too expensive and also consisted of database functionalities that we did not need, as we already had databases in place. With this we decided to create VTF by BTF, an easy to use, low cost tool for trade show managers that takes your trade show to the next level.

VTF by BTF Functionality

  • Booths color coded for "available" or "occupied"
  • When visitors mouse over an occupied booth, a pop-up box provides the name of the exhibitor
  • Interactive floor plan where visitors can search the hall for a specific company or an area of specialty / industry, the system will highlight the booths that fall in their search criteria
  • When visitors select an occupied booth a pop-up window will open with the exhibitors information
  • Enhanced listing which includes hyperlinks to the exhibitors website
  • Easy to use by both the tradeshow managers and visitors
  • Quick report generation

Why VTF by BTF?

  • Low cost tool to easily manage your tradeshow
  • Added value to your attendees - providing them an opportunity to plan their visit in advancy by locating those exhibitors they would most like to see
  • Added value to your exhibitors by providing them with the ability to see what booths are currently available and where their competition is located
  • Reduce staff time with tracking your exhibit sales, and fielding calls inquiring about booth availability