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A happy human and a poet by heart

Arisudan is an arts graduate by education but as the flight of life often does, he landed in the minefield of software and computers. The deviation of flight did not stop there, he crash landed next into the business world of energy and oil & gas with one of the big four. Ari started his life in the desert state but has lived in over 20 cities across 4 continents in the past two decades. He lives in the blessed airs of beautiful Bengaluru these days where he spends evenings and weekends talking to the skies, sun, moon and flowers and plants, reflecting some of that conversations in his poems. He now hosts two podcasts – first on discussing the essence and stories behind Bachchan’s Madhushala, and the second one on his own poems and some beautiful artwork by other poets. He also conducts live sessions on poetry, Hindi books, energy transition, and podcasting in India. Read below to know more.

Retelling of Madhushala

Madhushala - the timeless poem written by Dr Harivansh Rai Bachchan remains as mysterious, as deep as it was when written. This podcast is an attempt to take the listener / reader through a journey to understand the essence of Madhushala, the philosophy and why this poem is called the poetry of life! I also discuss Bachchan's life journey, and how Madhushala becomes a 'fine wine' squeezed out of all those experiences, inspirations and the poet's imagination....

राह पकड़ तू एक चला चल, पा जाएगा मधुशाला

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Poetry of life, hope and beauty

This podcast started during the days of Covid pandemic when there was negative news all around. So, I decided to pick some poetry of optimism, hope, life and beauty. Beauty - that can be found in the skies, flowers, birds and even in the most mundane things. This podcast includes some of my own work as well as that of some greats, like, Dharmvir Bharati's "Kanupriya", Mahadevi Verma's "Jo tum aa jate ek baar", and some satire too, like "Idhar bhi gadhe hain, udhar bhi gadhe hain"

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My poetic conversations

These are some of my poems, written while looking at and talking to the skies, the sun / moon, to plants and flowers, birds and rains, and most things mundane. But, no conversation, no poetry for me is complete if there is no Chai in it, so that plays the 'Sutradhaar' for most of my work.

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Discussions on Hindi books

There is so much to Hindi literature. When I started reading Hindi books again, it was a discovery of a whole new depth, of subtle romance, of the beauty and richness of the language, and a piece of history alongside poetry.

In this live circle, I discuss Hindi books every week, both old and new. Some fellow Hindi book lovers also take part in an interactive chat. Join us on a Saturday morning, all are welcome :)

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Unplugged Live Conversations

On weekends, I host several talks and take part as a guest speaker in some. The topics vary from Energy (oil & gas), Sustainability, Literature / Books, Poetry, Music, Podcasting, Human Behavior, and more. You are welcome to join if any of these interests you. This is so much fun and learning in these lively conversations with fellow enthusiasts on a certain topic.

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