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There is so much to Hindi literature. When I started reading Hindi books again, it was a discovery of a whole new depth, of subtle romance, of the beauty and richness of the language, and a piece of history alongside poetry. Welcome to Kitaab Ghar (किताब घर) - a circle where we discuss Hindi books every weekend, both old and new, fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose.

It's more a discussion than review. We don't criticize or find faults with books. We talk about the parts we like about the book of the week. These books can be both old and new literature, ranging from Yashpal, Agyeya to Nirmal Verma and Amrita Pritam to today's Manisha Kulshreshtha, Praveej Jha and Sushobhit. Some of the key books we have discussed in this forum are Antim Aranya, Raag Pahadi, Rineshan, Chandrakanta, Mallika, Ban-Kissa, Nadi ke Dweep, Ibne-Batooti, Ambpaali, etc. We also invite some of the authors to get to know them better, like, Manisha Kulshreshtha, Hema Bisht, Dr Nidhi Agrawal.

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