This page displays video songs of the most famous English poems included in school and university studies the world over, in their original tunes, re-discovered and sung by P.S.Remesh Chandran, released in Bloom Books Channel in You Tube. All of them are released into Public Domain for the children of the world, and their teachers as well. You are perfectly free to download, orchestrate and build on them. Remember- Music is the first born; human mind's attempt to repeat and memorize it culminates in poetry. If there is no music, it is not a poem. We hope these recordings will serve as models for your light music and recitation competitions. They are just prototypes, not costly studio productions which we cannot afford. Those with rich recording facilities do not have the music and those with music do not have the rich recording facilities. We provide here the rudimentary basic music which anyone with singing talents and orchestrating and recording facilities can build upon. There is no restriction on reusing the basic tunes provided by us. That is our challenge for the talented young who, we are confident, would produce some excellent versions of the songs. We have posted 30 of our first English Recitation Videos here as models for them. Many more will come.

The Vagabond

The Lake Isle Of Innisfree


The Force That Drives The Water Through The Rocks


Arrow And The Song

To A Skylark

The Send Off

Song To The Men Of England

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

What Is This Life, If Full Of Care - Leisure

Leave This Chanting

Govinda's Disciple

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

When All The World Is Young

I Looked And Saw Your Eyes

The Sun With His Great Eye - The Daisy

Solitude Of Quiet Life



The Forsaken Merman

Where The Mind Is Without Fear

Coromandel Fishers

Indian Weavers

The Night Express

Who Has Seen The Wind?

Wander Thirst

Up Hill

The Ferryman

If All The Seas Were One Sea

[Updated on 7 March 2017]

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