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What is this Kerala Commentary about?

Kerala Commentary welcomes anyone who has gone through, lived in, read about,thought about or heard about Kerala. God created Kerala beautiful, with hills,valleys, meadows, fields and forests, with rivers, rivulets and brooks running everywhere. Mountains and sea shore kisses each other. They are never too distant from each other anywhere. Climate, weather and water blessed Kerala and make it a real Beauty Spot. The land is clean and the people are amiable, friendly and traditionally hospitable. They have populated almost every nook and corner of this world, representing Kerala eminently in their delegative capacity. 

But there are dark veins as well. Clouds, betrayal and greed co-exists now with sunshine and shower, loyalty and selfless sacrifice. Nothing will be and shall be spared here. Anyone can make comments and contribute frank and free, which would be highly valued and appreciated in KeralaCommentary. That is what true Malayaali spirit and hospitality is. 


Who said it is God's Own Country?

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