018. Nothing in this world can storm the emotions of a man of true oriental character.

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Thinking Won’t Help You Resist Temptation. 
October 28, 2011 11:09 am

P.S.Remesh Chandra. says:
November 4, 2011 at 2:00 am

Nothing in this world can storm the emotions of a man of true oriental character.

The Indians have a traditionally different temperament than the people of other nations, certainly quite different from that of the Europeans and westerners. Their temperament is designed through centuries and generations through the peoples’ physical as well as spiritual exchange with great and small saints, rhishis and gurus. They generally know that interest leads to liking, liking leads to desire, desire leads to lust and lust leads ultimately to disappointment and doom. Therefore they learn to remain disinterested or non-interested so that the ultimate fall could be wisely avoided. Great thinkers like Buddha inculcated this theory into their minds and trained them to cleanse their thoughts and point them to other beneficial and creative objectives. We can see an occasional Kalidasan here and there in the Indian literature scene but the majority of their writers are Valmikis. Piety and licentiousness were two much discussed subjects in the ancient Indian literature and piety has won as is evidenced by their culture. One needn’t think that this majestic and aristocratic trait is Indians’ alone. Tibetans, Chinese and the people of old Siam also maintained this character. For them, Buddhism did much in training their thought processes resulting in such practices as respecting the elders, respecting the women, caring for the children, controlling their emotions and keeping integrity in their families. All this they achieved while living as great families in single room dwellings in their poverty. Thought for a mentally ripe person is not something voluntary but built into his character. If he is a non meat eater also, then nothing in this world can storm his emotions. The article here and the persons who conducted such a limited survey or study have not taken into consideration the strength of real character or have not even seen one with real character. It is noted in the article that the survey was conducted with students, which means youngsters, which means something taken out of the oven before it is baked.

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