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P.S.Remesh Chandran, Editor.

001. Dogs more obstruct road travel than roadside rallies.

002. Exposure to Mobile Phone Towers A State Crime.

003. TV advertisements can be shown after each Run in a Cricket Show. That is why it is Cricket.

004. Some Indian leaders consider corruption as their birth right.

005. Indian democracy is now the autocracy of a corrupt bureaucracy.

006. Are we against Girls?

007. The Rise of China, by keeping their people in chains.

008. Obama's comment on the Indians eating too much.

009. There were no sea in between India and Africa in the distant past.

010. Mouth-watering formation of a new state in India.

011. All credit for deliveries goes to skilled midwives.

012. Betrayal behind the rise of Indian petrol prices.

013. Making voting compulsory is coercion.

014. Malaria has not gone, it will come back.

015. Is Genetically Modified Food Good For Human Consumption?

016. Indira Gandhi was starting public sector industries, not selling them for commission.

017. Newspapers nourish the cheating advertisement industry and make money.

018. Nothing in this world can storm the emotions of a man of true oriental character.

019. All nuclear reactors are safe before they blow away.

020. Experimenting with infants between the ages of 1 and 1 ½ years an abominable crime.

021. It is now the Inter-netting Public versus Corrupt National Leaders.

022. Two States Fighting Against Each Other Instead Of Fighting Against Nuclear Power Plant.

023. There Is Now No One There In Kerala To Climb Coconut Trees.

024. First Get Rid Of Those Dogs. Then Dengue And Chikungunya Will Go Away.

025. Like Slope Floored Cattle Sheds, High Heeled Shoes May Cause Abortions.

026. There are government officers who do say NO and permit themselves to be hunted.

This list is updated as on 2nd March 2012.

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