026. There are government officers who do say NO and permit themselves to be hunted.

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An IAS Officer Should Know To Say NO
By Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan. February 18, 2012. 

P.S.Remesh Chandra. says:
February 23, 2012 at 9:50 pm

There are government officers who do say NO and permit themselves to be hunted.

In every strata of society, there indeed are people who keep balanced judgments and say No when necessary and where needed. Such people are in the administration, politics and business. And they are not so rare. Had they been rare, there would not have been a nation existing in the name of The Republic Of India. When we trace back to their ancestors, we shall see that their fathers and grandfathers were very stern people. Therefore the child could not have grown otherwise. When children sired by neat, clean and righteous fathers who have integrity of character become officers in the Indian Administrative Service, they will behave accordingly and say NO to things when necessary. We all know that every decision taken by a government will be implemented only through a government secretary who will inevitably be an IAS officer. Therefore every wrong decision taken and implemented by a government will evidently have the hand and rotten brain of an IAS officer behind it. Had they objected sternly, no wrong or politically motivated decision would have been implemented. What would happen if they all object? Would they be all hanged or expelled by those corrupt politicians? We do see occasional IAS officers objecting here and there and being hunted all over India for the same. Since they also have families and they also have wishes to settle down somewhere, they normally and generally do not object and be a target. But it is unbelievable, and is something unexpected from them. This brings them down to lower than the timid average citizens who do not possess the necessary skills for fighting against authority. Those who follow the lives of people in the civil service in India perfectly well know that there are far greater and better fighters against corruption and favouritism among the ranks of clerks and peons. The low opinion in the article about these categories is therefore unjustified. But these IAS folks are supposed to be the cream of society with every armament at hand to fight injustice and corruption. Either they are undereducated in their core or they are not integrated enough in their morality to show courage. It is a question of backbone which brings us back to the question of who sired them biologically.