001. Dogs more obstruct road travel than roadside rallies.

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Protect Freedom of Assembly. Supreme Court Ruling on Road Side Rallies.


Dogs more obstruct road travel than roadside rallies.

The common man’s right to free movement is obstructed more by dogs in Kerala than by public meetings. Why no enactment of laws? Dogs on the roads of Kerala are the real menace to road travellers in Kerala. Hundreds of street-walking poor people including school children and tourists from other Nations are daily bitten and cruelly group-attacked by pack of dogs roaming everywhere. Hundreds of people are daily admitted to Kerala hospitals following severe dog attacks. People who have their own cars or government cars won’t understand the pain of being bitten by dogs on the roads, losing several days’ labour and wages and undergoing costly treatment against Rabies which is a must. These dogs were the actual reason behind the recent waves of Dengue Fever outbreaks in Kerala though no one likes to admit it. This viral fever is transmitted by mosquitoes certainly, but it is a Zoonosis, a disease primarily occurring in mammals that can be transmitted to humans. The viruses responsible for this disease survive in nature as infections in animals and human infection is not necessary for the survival of this virus. Dengue Fever is an Arbovirus Infection, the viruses being transmitted by arthropod vectors such as Ticks and almost all house dogs and street dogs are tick-affected. Dogs are the commonest Animal Reservoir Hosts to Dengue Virus. In Kerala this Dengue Fever claimed hundreds of human lives and incapacitated tens of thousands for ever. The question of paying them compensation is coming. And who will pay compensation to the free travellers on Kerala Roads who are being freely bitten by dogs. Dogs on the roads in Kerala have already ruined Tourism in Kerala. Its disastrous impact on other spheres of human activity has begun to be felt. Not only the road walkers but all motorists in Kerala also know that dogs are the real obstructions to the right of movement, not Public Meetings and Rallies. Anyway it is human beings that are assembled there, not attacking packs of dogs.