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This page deals with political and social aspects of life in Kerala, India, the editor's native land. These comments were posted in India Vision News Channel, a fairly independent and inquisitive news channel of Kerala.

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PS Remeshchandra Trivandrum





മദ്യനയത്തില്തീരുമാനം ഐക്യകണ്ഠേനയായിരുന്നുവെന്ന് ഉമ്മന്ചാണ്ടി


020. September 09, 2014.


Unanimous opinion and agreement in a very controversial and fire-spitting subject of debate such as step-by-step prohibition of alcohol in Kerala means, everyone spoke with their hands on others’ necks but surrendered to the stronger, after repeated threats of opening closets and taking out past skeletons for every one to see. Last statistics revealed that Kerala is the number one state in India in alcohol consumption. When the evils and vices of consumption is considered, Mr. Oommen Chandy was right to observe that the economic loss to the state by prohibition is unimportant and irrelevant, but what will the people of Kerala, proven to be the highest drunkards in India, drink, once liquor is banned- tea, coffee? Since the people of Kerala decided to drink alcohol, tea shops have stopped selling tea after 6 P.M. Most shops do not even make tea anymore. What are government’s decisions on rectifying the imbalance in liquidity equilibrium in the corpuscular civilian body? How many new wards were commissioned and beds allotted in mental hospitals in the state to accommodate the tens of thousands of people who are going to be afflicted with alcohol withdrawal syndrome? How many additional posts of doctors, nurses and nursing orderlies who have the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgment for attending to the thousands and thousands of new admissions with withdrawal syndrome that surely will occur from suddenly stopping the use of alcohol after chronic or prolonged ingestion were created in institutions? Did the Health Minister of Kerala report to the cabinet that Diazepam (Valium), Chlordiazepoxide (Librium), Atenolol (Tenormin), Clorazepate (Tranxene), Clonidine (Catapres) and Baclofen (Lioresal), essentially needed for treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome, are not available in large quantities in government stock? After creating a dreadful medical and social situation in Kerala without even thinking about precautionary measures, this ministry cannot be let to go away. Because of the uninformed decisions of the government, Kerala is going to see millions of people for the first time, with irritability, mood swings, nervousness, nightmares, confusion, clammy skin, agitation, vomiting, nausea, sweating, tremor, dilated pupils, sleeplessness, fever, delirium and seizure- the dream of all multi-national medical giants, especially psychiatric and cardiac drug manufacturers. Or was it all part of a grand scheme?


മനോജ് വധം സിബിഐക്ക് വിടാനുള്ള തീരുമാനം രാഷ്ട്രീയ ലക്ഷ്യം വെച്ച്: പിണറായി


019. September 09, 2014.


Kerala has always been a killing field when political opponents and rebel party leaders are concerned. Hundreds of very good workers belonging to all parties have been killed through the years, most of them killed by members of opposing parties. But killing people for holding dissenting opinions and opposing views exclusively belongs to the CPIM. The only persons they did not dare kill were the then leaders of the Naxalbari movement in Kerala whom they, instead, co-operated with the police to hunt. It was because these Naxalites had created horror and terror by eliminating one or two isolated landlords, though by killing them the poor people did not get their lands but the lands went to these landlords’ sons. The then CPM leaders feared they too would be eliminated if they asked cadres to physically attack Naxalites. These leaders, lying in the peacefulness and security of their homes, dream about bloody great revolutions led by them and endlessly lecture about majestic revolutions happened in Russia, China, Cuba and Latin America. But they physically attack political enemies and rebels only if they are sure not to be returned with the bodily pains of instant retaliation. They fear bodily pain even while conspiring in darkness and getting satisfaction from the illusion that they are undertaking something like which Mao, Lenin, Castro and Guera did. They are, in truth, mentally sick. The thousands of educated and good workers in the communist parties of Kerala know that they have under-educated, greedy, lusty and jealous unworthy leaders in top ranks. No struggles led by these leaders progressed through more than two or three days, before which they would feel bored, postpone further action and open new war fronts. What if their class enemies have to surrender? - That is their constant fear! The last example was their struggle against petrol prices hike which proved that they dream they are married into the houses of Reliance Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil Corporation. Their minds are now totally sold out to rich industrial and business houses but they still desperately need poor workers to make them MPs, MLAs and Ministers, to help these lovely uncles. That is why these hypocrites bark about communism and kill the people who expose what they are. Had they been concerned only about communism and involved only in simple party work, they would never have needed to kill political opponents and rebels. But their enemies and rebels are skilled and eloquent enough to debunk them and reveal to people what the real interests and motivations of these drones are. So, behind the killing of every rebel and enemy by the CPIM, there is this question of not politics but economics and finance.


വൈദ്യുതി നിരക്ക്: പാവപ്പെട്ടവരെ പിഴിഞ്ഞ് പണക്കാര്ക്ക് ഇളവ്


018. September 06, 2014.


When supply and demand does not correspond, price of commodities rises. If supply of electricity cannot be increased, demand should be brought down, which never happens. Therefore, the Kerala State Electricity Board purchases additionally needed power from distant states, thermal units and nuclear plants, transmits it through long distances, looses much while transmission and sells the remaining to people at exorbitant rates. The cost of electricity increases each month which cannot go on endlessly, and there should be a brake at some point, but where? Kerala is a land of hills, mountains and rivers. Due to proximity to mountains, the dams would fill with soil, silt, sand and debris in a very short time. With the rain of two or three days, they are filled to the brim and overflowing. After just one week, authorities will tell people that there is not water in dams to make electricity and irrigate fields, and that they are going to introduce power cut, load-shedding, brown out. During the past forty five years, silt has not been removed from one single dam, which was not people’s fault but KSEB Chairman’s and his Board Members’ lack of foresight and absence of education. Even a school child knows that when reservoirs loose depth due to sediment accumulation, storage capacity will diminish. If, never once was silt removed from these dams, the Electricity Board Members should immediately resign, shouldering full responsibility for Kerala’s electricity shortage. Because of their negligence, ignorance and dereliction of pledged duty, people shall not become bankrupt on account of current charges, as no reservoir now serves its purpose. They were supposed to have learned about Silt Trap Dams and Sediment Retention Structures: perhaps they might have passed examinations through the window. They ought to have measured regularly the depth of water in dams after siltation and taken precautionary measures; they were paid salaries promptly. Removal of river sand regularly from dams would have not only restored the storage capacity of dams but would have provided the right solution to sand shortage in Kerala also. Illegal and unauthorized use of electricity is another factor resulting in the hike of charges. Kerala produces enough electricity to light her homes, run industries and render other basic services but not enough to light millions and millions of display boards, dazzling shop displays and opulent building and street illuminations. What electricity Kerala produces in its many hydro-electric projects is just enough to meet basic essentials. This means, normal domestic, social and industrial life can go on without depending on electricity purchased from outside. People light one or two lights in their homes and cannot afford air-conditioning. The burden of the higher cost of electricity purchased from outside should have been shouldered by those who squander electricity by lighting a hundred lights in their homes and operating multi air-conditioners day and night, and those who allowed it without imposing restrictions. You walk along the main city streets of Trivandrum, Trichur, Cochin and Calicut at night and see who spend electricity lavishly. It is they to whom the cost of imported electricity should have been charged. An ordinary shop needs five or six bulbs to run it but not thousands as we see in each commercial establishment in these thoroughfares. An electricity-short Kerala cannot afford it. If they want that much electricity, they can import it at their own cost and shall not eat into Kerala’s reserves. Just watch State Ministers’ residences and the mansions of top level bureaucrats, people’s representatives and senior politicians in Trivandrum at night. The powers they burn are not paid for by them but by the government, the burden finally falling on the shoulders of poor people. And who permitted the ten thousands of Temples with domestic connections to use loudspeakers from 4 AM to 10 AM and from 4 PM to 10 PM, along with churches?


മനുഷ്യവംശം 2880ഓടെ ഇല്ലാതായേക്കാംക്ഷുദ്ര ഗ്രഹം ഭൂമിയോടടുക്കുന്നു


017. September 06, 2014.


If this asteroid is definitely coming towards earth and is sure to impact with earth, any change in its course by man, even a One Degree Change of Course, will sent it away in some other path. To achieve this objective, the usually expected thing from man is launching a spacecraft that would crash into it and alter its course. Another option before space engineers is, causing changes in the gravitational field in which this asteroid moves, which is made possible by placing a space craft of equal radius, perhaps not of mass, into an identical orbit to change the gravitational equation of the asteroid. Suppose there is situated a sack of rice and we punch a hole on its side. Contents of the sack will begin to spew out and the sack will begin to change shape. This is exactly another option for changing the course of a rowdy asteroid. We hit it at an apt angle and with ideal momentum, deflate it and pump out its contents and the tangential force of the spewing materials will cause its change of direction. The most-effective but the least probable to be used method is to destruct it to smithereens with nuclear projectiles at safe distances, with the sure risk of causing a hot and deadly shower of smaller asteroidal projectiles, the raining of which may still cause havocs. Like sails in boats cause it to continue in or change direction, solar sails can be shot to anchor on this asteroid, derive power from the Sun for working and alter the asteroid’s course. Options are many for man and he has enough time to learn about the chromatographic structure of this object, and he may develop still more options. In the old world, Near Earth Objects such as these were discovered only when their light appeared in the sky, visible to human eye, and there were no time for precautions but in modern day world, it is not so. Even this asteroid has been discovered 870 years before its impact. But the question is, why wait? It is our children coming up after 870 years. Why leave the burden to them?


ഓണത്തിന് കേരളത്തില്മദ്യ ദുരന്തത്തിന് സാധ്യതയെന്ന് വി.എം സുധീരന്


016. September 06, 2014.


Abstention from alcohol is not that much important in Indian National Congress’ programmes, but cleansing the country of corruption and bribery is. It is very strange that this President of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee is never interested in voicing aloud Congress’s stand against corruption. He is only interested in making consumption of alcohol an unproportionately greater issue. What is the secret behind this? Certainly it is easier and safer to turn against the barons of liquor than turning against the emperors of corruption. Or is it because when compared to corruption, the number of congress leaders involved in manufacturing and selling liquor is too few to be mentioned? Almost every village officer, sub registrar, and panchayat secretary is a corrupt man. Among Non Gazetted Officers, 50 percent are flocked in the Marxist-led N.G.O.Union and 40 percent in the Congress-led N.G.O.Association, which means, 50 percent of the corrupt N.G.Os in Kerala belong to Marxist party and 40 percent to Congress party. What did this KPCC President do to this 40 percent, except addressing them in their annual conferences, mildly? Among Gazetted Officers, the picture is different. The higher the designation and rank go the greater and massive the corruption is. Logically, it would be the Government Secretaries who would be the most corrupt; had they been clean and clear, how can their subordinates do corruption and accept bribes fearlessly? Every government secretary is responsible for the corruption in his department. What did this KPCC President do against them? Every government office in Kerala is busily engaged in Cabin Building. Where is government’s transparency? Why do they need cabins- for the Secretaries to Government to the Lower Division Clerks, unless it is for corruption and accepting bribes? Before speaking a thousand times about Gandhi, this KPCC President should note that Gandhi wrote every communication, including editorials for Harijan, Young India and Indian Opinion, in used tapal covers. Each year, not less than 500 crores rupees are allotted by the Secretary to Government of the Finance Department of Kerala for this Cabin-Making Spree in various departments. Why doesn’t the officer-to-clerk sit in one great hall as earlier in the secretariate and all other offices, minimizing the need for tube lights and fans, saving precious electricity? Is it the fear that subordinates will see the visitor leaving his brief case under the officer’s table? Those who are born and brought up in houses with no chairs, sofas or other mentionable similar sitting comforts, if got into government service and people’s money placed at their disposal, the first thing doing would be ordering the purchase of a dozen or so throne-like chairs in their office, so that they may sit, sleep, loll, recline, rest and recreate or even procreate in them if circumstances allow, to compensate for the callousness sitting for decades on hard floor presented them with. Commission for this purchase would reach their houses in the form of three or four similar chairs. Soon they will find that others working in their offices are laughing at and ridiculing them for being cheap. So they will order sound-proof glass cabins built for them to cocoon themselves in. A few more hundred thousand rupees will be spent from public money for building glass cabins for these creatures. Then they will be air-conditioned, a small private room with foldable reclining bed and attached bathroom will appear on its back for using in ‘emergencies’ and the glass walls of the cabin would soon be curtained up. Within a few weeks, the subordinate officers including the superintendents, administrative officers, junior superintends and clerks will begin to murmur dissent, the result of which would be cabin building and air-conditioning for everyone. Every proposal sent to government for cabin building in every department in every state in India is immediately okayed by the top brass because they themselves have cocooned themselves in one. Money for this is no problem in this poor country. So now, every civil servant in every government office in India has his own cabin as if they received all these facilities as part of their dowry from their fathers-in-law. If KPCC President is bold and sincere enough, ask the chief minister to order dismantling of these shameful and abhorrent structures throughout Kerala.


അനൂപ് ജേക്കബിന്റെ ഭാര്യയുടെ നിയമനം അന്വേഷിക്കാന്ഉത്തരവ്


015. September 05, 2014.


Why should government enquire about the posting of a state minister’s wife as Assistant Director in the State Institute of Languages, Kerala? It is taken for granted. If one is an influential member in the state government, he will essentially provide for the future security of his family. And the family here includes wife, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, nearest relatives, servants and those who are willing to pay. Since the time of perhaps Mr. C.Achutha Menon, not many cabinet members have been fair, principled and scrupulous enough to guarantee that every job would be released to others. State ministers, if they do not live for their land, society or mankind, shall at least live for their family. Which member in the cabinet in Kerala has not ever recommended for someone’s employment in government service or in a government body? Who is the saint? The qualified poor people of Kerala are not going to get these jobs anyway. These jobs will always be shared between the rich and the influential. Most government appointments are not made straight through the door, but through the window. And these recruitees will also serve not those who come through the door but through the window. The greatest favouritism going on is not in the state government service but in Central Government-Funded Projects in the state, the milking-cows like National Rural Health Mission, E-Health Project Management and a few others, where all recruitments are made from the ranks of relatives, dependents, payees and party-men. Can any member in the state cabinet deny this? These central government projects for the state claim that they are far advanced in administration as well as in technology, in comparison with the ‘crude and pagan’ state government projects. In really advanced countries like the United States, when applications are invited for new or vacant positions, photos and information on colour and physical stature are banned, to prevent selecting only the beautiful, the handsome and the physically vibrant. How come these offices are filled with only the beautiful, the healthy and the nutritious? What is going on behind this? Why are the physically handicapped, the black, and the backward totally absent? Why are television channels and news papers not spotting this and reporting? Are posts divided among them too? In NRHM, they did not obey central government’s direction to post every expenditure and personnel deployment each day in their web site publicly. In E-Health Administration, presently having a treasury of 92 crores rupees with them, even the Director of Health Services, Kerala, accepts huge amounts of money regularly for ‘services’ rendered, in addition to many bogus others. In spite of fine government vehicles having been allotted, hundred thousands more for unmade journeys are expended on luxury vehicles which are suspected to do not even exist. Let everything be enquired, or enquire nothing; everything is dowry, in a way.


മാനസികാരോഗ്യ കേന്ദങ്ങളിലെ നടതള്ളല്


014. September 04, 2014.


Television Channels in Kerala, including India Vision, tele-casted the incidents associated with the death of that brilliant and intelligent Bihari young man Satnam Singh in Trivandrum Mental Health Centre. I am asking these television channel reporters, did they penetrate deep enough to find the truth and were bold and free enough to report it to our people? If we do not know a thing about government mental hospitals or have never went to visit one, we can write anything, create any video- sensational and senseless- without relying on credible information and facts. When staff works for long periods in a psychiatric ward, patients develop rapport with him and open up and disclose things which are buried deep in sub conscious and unconscious layers of the mind. They will begin to obey whatever this staff says so long as it is this particular staff there. The staff also develops an insight into whatever is going on in the inner bowels of the mind of each of those patients-a knowledge indiscernible even to psychiatrists and nurses, derived through close observations and long contact- crucial in assessing ways to help the patient to the road of his recovery and healing. It is not the psychiatric, psychotic and psychedelic drugs administered to patients but this opening up, sympathetic human interference and rapport, which makes things possible in mental hospitals. When that particular staff is not there one day for revealing their hearts to, they become dumb and mute, become unresponsive and even turn destructive, like little children. Mental patients cannot simply accept another in his place as they are not normal like us (?) and their mind, which is only flickering up to normalcy or shuttering down to tightness, grieves. It is the real shock to them, loosing a trusted care taker of long acquaintance who knows everything about them and would see to their every need, a shock an outsider to a mental care facility like a passing politician and bureaucrat cannot understand. Does everyone know, telling one’s needs is a heavy, strenuous and laborious task for a mental patient due to drug-induced lethargy, thickness of tongue and general reluctance and sadness? Staff of long acquaintance and familiarity is the only bridge between them and the conscious world, the only solution for their cure. Psychiatrists with long experience know this and that is why they permit and encourage staff to work for long periods, sometimes till retirement, in the same ward, on the hope that if it would help speedy recovery of those hapless minds, let it be so. Who knows about the grief filled in those minds that we see standing staring and forlorn behind grilled doors and closed cell rooms? A Monitoring Committee who know nothing about psychiatry and an ignorant Hospital Development Committee ordered introduction of Turn Duty for staff. Some fools had disclosed to them that it is a great thing to introduce. Do you know Superintendents of Mental Hospitals are now non-psychiatrists, after Kerala government’s crazy decision? This non-psychiatrist superintendent could not anticipate and advise on the danger of turn duty system. After that, the staff working in the forensic ward for one or two days disrupted everything and could not know which of those prisoners had suicidal tendencies and which of them had killer instincts. So they put those who do not have them with those who did have them. A brilliant North Indian young boy, the pride of his friends and colleagues, brought to this hospital for treatment as ordered by the judicial court and admitted to this forensic ward was found dead the next day, supposedly strangled by his cell mate. Had it been a staff working there for long, he would have anticipated this and would not have put in the new admission in the same cell with a prisoner undergoing murder trial. He would have known that it would not be safe to accommodate a novice with no criminal history with one with killer instincts. Every media, politician, department authority and investigative agency investigated and is still investigating why this happened, instead of plainly pointing fingers at that politician whose act started the sequel of events and whose fault, misunderstanding and ignorance led to this human death. After one month, another outside-state patient was murdered in the same ward more or less the same way due to the same reasons. The real culprits, who took the unwise decision to rotate staff each day, still meet, drink tea, munch cashew nuts and give advice. So, this is only one of a thousand examples of what unwanted political presences and thoughtless government orders do in bringing about the fall of great mental health institutions. When reporting things and bringing out videos, go deep and bring out truth, instead of half-truth and semi-truth.


പ്ലാസ്റ്റികില്നിന്ന് പെട്രോള്‍:സാങ്കേതിക വിദ്യയുമായി ഇന്ത്യ


013. September 04, 2014.


The total heat and electric needs of the world can be successfully met by skillfully utilizing the rubbish human society generates each year in homes and industrial and commercial establishments. At the present rates, the world’s garbage can produce electricity equaling that produced from 10000 million tons of coal. Garbage of the world consists chiefly of kitchen waste, textile waste and paper which can be converted into fuel for homes and industries. Most of the plastic and metals can be recycled and reused. The remaining solid waste, with the help of modern sophisticated machinery, is treated in special plants constructed for that purpose. Vibrating screens sift out organic particles which are then sold as manure for land in agriculture. The still remaining portions are used to make land fills. In London, West German cities and New York, hundreds of plants burn 4 million tons of refuse each year, heat water, produce steam, and supply electricity. One New York plant alone supplies 70 megawatts of electricity, about half that of a modern day nuclear plant. The problem of waste disposal, which torments and troubles the municipalities and administrations of the major cities of the world, will vanish by overnight. Authorities will begin to beg people to produce rubbish at faster rates. But without thinking in advance and making use of modern science, authorities in almost all countries in the East as well as in the West burry waste in soil. Even when heedlessly buried, waste can still produce precious gas and electricity. One ton of buried rubbish can produce 8000 cubic feet of methane gas which can be tapped, piped and made use of in industries and homes. Factories can also use this gas directly by burning them in gas engines. When it appears that the rubbish we bury is not degenerating speedily, we can seed them with suitable bacteria and speed up its breaking down into smaller and lighter components. Who is there to say that there is not enough rubbish and waste in this world generated by man to meet its entire energy requirements? Go to Tamil Nadu and walk through the streets of rural Tamizhakom. We can see house walls decorated in and out with cow dung balls, stuck there for drying before being used as fuel in those homes. In almost all parts of rural India- north, south, east and west- wise villagers have been making use of this type of bio-gas for cooking for centuries. The authorities who proclaim they are hard working to solve the energy problems of people travel in people-funded cars, and so, have not seen these things. Energy for them means loaned or gifted nuclear waste from foreign countries and the opportunity to spend 10000 crores of people’s money, to meet private ends.


രാജ്യം കടുത്ത ഊര്ജ്ജ പ്രതിസന്ധിയിലേക്ക്


012. September 04, 2014.


Ocean tides are an unlimited source of energy which has been made use by man for hundreds and hundreds of years since the invention of the wheel. At one time of our history, tidal mills could be seen on many sea shores. They made use of high tide and low tide well. Incoming tide will be trapped into reservoirs through sluices, which while coming in with great force will pass through propelling water wheels creating turning power which in turn will produce useful power. The coming in tides build up against the dam until there is a difference of at least 5 ft between one side and the other and will not allowed leaving by closing the sluice valves. When the tides are low, the sluice valves are reversed, allowing the water to flow out forcefully, again passing through the turbines a second time in their return journey. When it is high tide again, the valves and the turbine blades are again reversed and the cycle repeats. The difference in the level of water between one side and the other of the dam is called the head of water and the higher this head the more electricity will it produce. A higher column of water will be under greater pressure which when released will turn the turbines more forcefully. A tidal wave installation in Nova Scotia has the highest head in the world, a water level difference of 59 ft. The sluices and turbine blades in this kind of power generating installations can be used in either direction, making optimum use of movements of the entrapped sea water. Water remaining in the dam will be pumped out using electricity which will more than be made up in the process. Luckily the world is gifted with unbelievable stretches of shorelines and inexhaustible source of tidal waves. Cost of building the dams is the only deterring thing which has not deterred many nations including the Canadians and the Russians. If this unlimited source of energy was trapped and used with foresight, the world would not need thermal, fossil, nuclear or solar energy. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra, Gujarat and Bengal have long coastlines. Why didn’t consider it earlier? Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers are paid great salaries for thinking ahead of ordinary people and envisioning things in advance. Or would they say the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean have not enough water and waves?


സദാചാര പോലീസിന്റെ ആത്മരതി


011. September 04, 2014.


The conviction of morality depends on the culture, tradition and upbringing of a person. What he considers as moral would be immoral to other individuals and communities. It is our frustration over our own miserable states of affairs that makes us intolerant to other persons’ views and opinions and not mind our own business. Each community in the world will have its set of morals. In some communities it is taboo to eat pork and in some communities it is eating the cow’s meat that is taboo. In most temples in the Hindu community, fish is forbidden inside the compound but there are a few temples where fish is offered to the deity inside the shrine. Most communities consider a man marrying his sister’s daughter a crime but many communities permit only such marriages. Most religions deny polygamy but there are a few which freely promote it. So, what one community considers as a crime would be the accepted moral in another community. A community which exists by doing only the wrong things will not exist for long, thereby eliminating the need to correct them. Thinking that our community’s set of morals shall be accepted by all other communities and subverting other people’s fundamental rights to believe in his own community’s set of morals is, defying the rule of law in the land. Judging one’s actions unilaterally, deciding he has wronged and meting out punishment by civilians, is something outside the machinery of law and order. Wherever such an offense occurs and police is not booking those persons under the law, the police are simply not in the right tracks there. No need to emphasize the importance of police, but to reform it to become people-friendly is the only option. Those who like to moral police someone, are advised to police themselves, or go to some asylum to get treatment without wasting time. But political parties, parliamentarians and police officers associating themselves with criminal minded persons and eliminating or silencing enemies through brawn power is what influenced people, set the example and moved them to this path of brutally policing on others after proclaiming a violation of morals. Moral policing was actually devised to prevent free dissemination of ideas. When a few writers made statements or wrote books which were condemned by religious fanatics, especially Muslim fanatics and terrorists, they issued Fatwa, ordered destroyal of those books, hunting those writers and if possible, eliminating them. Once the taste of this kind of uncontrolled vandalism was enjoyed, it became irresistible to be called back by anybody, even by those who originated it. So, it turned to other channels of venting frustration and transformed itself into moral policing. It is an accepted fact that only persons with an immoral side to their character have ever tried to become a moral police. They actually cloak their evildom with pseudo morality. Where constitution of a country allows freedom of speech and freedom of expression, someone attempting moral policing should immediately be arrested and removed from society.


കൗമാരക്കാരിയെ തെരുവു നായയെകൊണ്ട് വിവാഹം കഴിപ്പിച്ചു


010. September 04, 2014.


[Anyone who loves dogs above human beings shall not read this comment. If they do, become angry, and are offended, it is at their own risk; they are advised to first search and read the website Dog Documents International in any of their twenty six languages and learn a few things about how dogs spread dengue and kill millions of people around the globe each year. And learn a few unpleasant things about arboviral infections and zoonosis diseases, even though the District Medical Officers would pretend they are hearing these words for the first time]. Women marrying dogs is not news in Kerala, India or in the world. Let us take the example of Kerala. A few years back, news papers reported a comment by the famous gynecologist and social activist of Trivandrum- words of Dr. G. Velaudhan’s. ‘The ladies of Trivandrum badly need me for their child delivery. But when I say street dogs should be killed indeed, there is nobody to listen to me. What I wonder is how this many dog scratch marks appear in these ladies’ lower bellies.’ Each year, more and more women are marrying dogs. This situation is caused purely and solely by the existence of the Kerala State Beverages Corporation. Many of the male lions reach their homes as vegetables because of this corporation. Many will reach only up to their car sheds, and never up to the bed rooms. So, women grow dogs, two or three or four in each house. Look around and watch what happens in each home. The more liquor this Corporation sells, the more number of dogs are kept in homes. When their uses are over, they are thrown to the streets. Why hide this naked truth? Are we going to have public dog brothels as in France? Where the husband is weak, the dog becomes powerful. Finally the dog will start barking when that man comes home from office and will not stop barking until he leaves in the morning. Why else do dogs in so many houses bark without stop all throughout the night? Without offending anyone, it shall be said that Trivandrum has become a city of swines who live for their dogs. In some houses, men cannot live without a female dog and vice versa. If one back- traces Trivandrum newspapers’ archives, he can read about the divorce case in Family Court on account of a husband’s special affinity for female dogs. The wife’s plea was granted. This is the situation in the entire state and country- something exactly similar to conditions in ancient Rome just before it fell. Only that, there it was not dogs, but horses!


ഫെയ്സ്ബുക്കില്മനോരോഗികളോ? പ്രതികരണങ്ങളും രഞ്ജിത്തിന്റെ വിശദീകരണവും


009. September 03, 2014.


Where are more mentally sick people, in Face Book or in the Malayalam Film Field? Do not abuse Social Media sites like Face Book, Google Plus, Twitter and Linked In, or the people who write in them. If you do not like comments or original remarks or notes, don’t look there. Years back this commenter had to answer an online question: Am I the only person without a Face Book? My answer was: Perhaps you are the only person with a Face. If people like this film maker and director has a face of his own, do not go to social media sites- they are for the faceless millions who have been constantly being cheated, darkened, neglected, ignored and exploited by editors, directors and publishers through decades, now beginning to express their frank opinions, without fearing the loss of any ‘opportunities.’. Just as News Papers, Television Channels, Book Publishers and Film Makers constitute the Fourth Estate, they are the Fifth Estate, where people directly takes part in the discussion and decision-making, without the representation of an editor, director or publisher. Fifth Estate is grown up and is standing like an elephant in the midst of ours but editors, directors and publishers in the Fourth Estate ask where Fifth Estate is. Once Malayalam films told the tales of the poor and the rich alike; now it tells the tale of the immensely rich alone. If there are not at least 3 50-crores-above cars in the film, entering drive-ins at least 2 furlongs long, into houses sprawling at least 5 acres, those films won’t sell. Stories like Thulaabhaaram, Chemmeen and Neelakkuyil won’t sell anymore because they cause heart-pain to view the miserable dragging life of the money-less. Who created this trend, people or film makers? Like American Nobel Laureate Saul Bello said, ‘They inspired the society with what they were inspired by.’ And they are inspired instantly by any cheap and ugly thing! Dancing is something good to do and pleasing to view, but who made Mohan Lal, Mammootty and Suresh Gopi dance with 500 people in birthday suites and made film industry costly? Songs are the meat of all who love and that of those who do not ever love. Tunes- disciplined and captivating- where what distinguished Malayalam film industry and became its face mark. Where did music go from Malayalam film songs and who caused this? Film makers in Kerala are in the strong-grip of caste and community-oriented song writers who are a guild unto themselves, without the presence of whom no film-making would progress, as is evidenced by the fact that music creators can still make music, proven by the karaoke of many songs. The only solace and the place where real music still happens in Kerala is the parallel album industry where exquisite songs and tunes are still created by genuine song writers, music directors and singers whom these film makers and directors can never approach for fear of these vulgar parasites. And where in the world except in Kerala is the names of actors in the film not shown in the credits?


കടലിന് ഒരു ഗീതം


008. September 03, 2014.


We all know why Calicut University in Kerala included the poem Ode To The Sea, from Guantánamo Files. They just wanted to include a poem written by a Muslim, in the modern age. This particular poem does have a good language and a liquid flow of diction which must be admitted, but its drawback is that it is only new and has not been tested by time, i.e., enough decades have not passed which proved that people have either discarded the poem or passed it for circulation. What startles us is, why Calicut University did not consider, or even think about, Kahlil Gibran’s The Song Of The Sea. The clay-heads in this university is paid enormous salaries not for introducing English poems first, create controversies and then withdraw them from circulation, but for scanning the world English literature and finding the poem ideally suited for their need. Kahlil Gibran was modern, wrote in the same free verse style, was U.S - Arabic and Lebanese and, in the case of this particular song, has created the world’s finest communion of a captivated and crushed soul with the ocean. It is inconceivable that they did not know about this masterful creation. They certainly knew well about Kahlil Gibran and his Song Of The Wave but decided that it would not serve their purpose. What was their purpose which they have to explain to people or the people have to find out themselves. So, their aim was something else, something sick, and something to be investigated by serious agencies.


പി.ജി, പാണിനീയം തുളച്ച വജ്രസൂചി


007. September 03, 2014.


How Malayalam evolved from Tamil has been discussed well and in detail not only in A.R.Raja Raja Varma’s Paanineeyam but other very good and equally reliable works as Akam Kavithakal and Puram Naanooru translated by N.V.Krishna Warrier, Thamizhu Saahithya Charithram written by K.M.George and Malayala Kavithaa Saahithya Charithram written by Dr. M. Leelavathi also. One of the earliest and brilliant communist poets whom Mr. P.G.Govinda Pillai’s party conveniently liked to forget and put back from circulation, K.P.G.Nampoothiri Master, devoted an entire poem titled Varikente Ponnanujatthee, Tharavaattiloronam Kanaaan, or Tharavaadinte Vili, to discuss how Tamil the guardian sister and Malayalam her younger sister grew up together in Thamizhakam. When we say this, there are people in Kerala, prominent littérateurs and politicians, whose hearts beat with fear, fearing that their mammoth struggle for gaining classical status to Malayalam would be proved an equally mammoth farce someday. One can understand Tamil being given classical status- it has an independent and very old literature and an ancient script. But literature in Malayalam, the more it is moved back in time, looks more like Tamil. Malayalam, when it sent ‘a lorry-load of proof for ancientness,’ did not even have an ancient script. The old script which perfectly reflected the rounded polishness of Malayaali behaviour had been unilaterally altered and replaced with a new one which reflected only the abruptness and uncouthness of the minds who devised it and introduced it. So, even without an ancient script, without an ancient literature, Kerala littérateurs and politicians secured 300 crore rupees per year from central government and an exclusive university which was pure corruption.


ഭരത് ഭൂഷണും ഐഎഎസ് അസോസിയേഷനുമായുളള തര്ക്കങ്ങള്ക്ക് പരിഹാരം


006. September 02, 2014.


An extract from the famous Persian poem The Bird- Parliament By ATTAR.


Once on a time from all the circles seven,
Between the steadfast Earth and rolling Heaven,
The birds of all note, plumage and degree,
That float in air and roost upon the tree,
Birds of all natures known or not to man,
Flock'd from all quarters into full divan,
With sound of whirring wings and beaks that clash'd,
Down like a torrent on the desert dash'd:
Till by degrees the hubbub and pell-mell,
Into some order and precedence fell,
And proclamation made of silence, each,
In special accent, but in general speech,
That all should understand, as seem'd him best,
The congregation of all wings addrest.


Therefore, yourselves to see as you are seen,
Yourselves must bridge the gulf you made between.


800 വര്ഷത്തിന് ശേഷം നളന്ദ സര്വ്വകലാശാല വീണ്ടും തുറന്നു


005. September 01, 2014.


The Nalanda University had 3000 students and 700 professors when it was fully functioning 800 years ago. It was a full residential university and all present- teachers, staff and students- lived in the campus, the length and breadth of which can be guessed from the massive remains. The lecturers travelled on horses in the campus and the professors on elephants. The cow shed alone contained 1000 milking cows, to cater to the vast number of residents. There must have been vast rice and wheat fields also in the hinder lands to feed this population as it had been designed as a self-sufficient and self-reliant university, a model to the whole world. The student and teacher community represented almost all continents of the world. Along with its sister university at Takshasila, it stood as the beacon of Asia and disseminated knowledge free to the whole world. Nalanda's library was one of the best and most comprehensive in the world, second only to perhaps Alexandria's. But Alexandria's library prospered because of the rule that any visitor to Alexander's this victory city was denied permission to enter unless he came with a book which Alexandria's library did not possess and gifted it free to that library. Nalanda was run with full state sponsorship and accommodation and food were free to everyone. It was India's message to the world- how well it understood and cared for the upbringing of a responsible world generation. For 800 years it lay as stones and sand and moth-eaten beams and columns, after the burning of the library, slaying of cows and horses and elephants and destruction of the massive buildings, by invading marauders whom the protecting kings were unable to resist. Today this ancient university, the prestige of unified India, is announced to be reincarnating from its ashes and burned ruins in a remote hamlet in Bihar, with 15 students and 11 teachers. Will there be fees, will there be Cadillacs to lecturers and Benzes to professors, coco-cola and condoms in the campus, rock and metallic reverberating through classes, love and sex budding and nipping in corridors, corrupt politicians co-ordinating classes through senates and mark case scandals?


സദാശിവത്തെ കേരളാ ഗവര്ണറായി നിയമിക്കുന്നത് ഉചിതമല്ല: സുധീരന്


004. September 01, 2014.


As Mr. V.M.Sudheeran advised, we people of Kerala, each and every one, thought well about this and have decided that posting a former Supreme Court Justice as the Head of the State of Kerala is good for the people of Kerala, minus the politicians in government. Within five years, enormous changes are coming in world's democracy, the chief being democracy going digital. Even today, State Assembly Proceedings and Parliament Proceedings are open, transmitted live and viewable by people everywhere. The coming change is, people are going to directly take part in the proceedings from their homes, as they did in ancient Greece where democracy originated. People's representatives will not need to represent people anymore; people will directly take part in the proceedings, digitally. When their representatives pass bills and introduce laws hiking the price of petrol, oil, gas, water and electricity, people also will vote online and veto. Such enormous changes in democracy are not envisioned by the puny little-minded and people-betraying politicians who love to wallow in the stained cloistered corridors of power but the people of Kerala understands the advancement and advantages of the digital age well. Even this comment here is people directly taking part in the discussion, without even the remote assistance of a representative. As Head of the State, Kerala will need brilliant statesmen to lead and guide the state to the culmination of this democratic dream within the next five years, just like the Vice President of India selected and the President of India appointed Mr. Jawahar Circar, the long standing expert in the Information and Broadcasting Ministry and a noted writer in Bengal as the the Chief Executive Officer of all the government broadcasting networks in India, including the Prasar Bharathi Corporation, All India Radio and Doordarshan, to lead India to the High-Definition Age within the next five years.


പുതിയ ഗവര്ണര്‍; അഭിപ്രായം ചോദിച്ചിട്ടില്ലെന്ന് മുഖ്യമന്ത്രി


003. September 01, 2014.


When viewed from the citizen's angle, getting a distinguished and decent former Supreme Court Justice as Governor is an honour to the state. When viewed from the lawless politician's angle, getting one of India's top-most legal experts as Head of the State is a terror. Do not mind the utterances of Mr. Oommen Chandy and Mr. V.M.Sudheeran. They are shaken by the prospect and likeliness of so many of their unlawful government decisions going objected to and sent back from the office of the Governor, pointing out excellent law points. If they oppose the posting of this dignitary to the state, it is clear that Justice Sadasivam's tenure in Kerala as Governor will do good to the state and its people. Oommen Chandy has been running the Sutharya Keralam project like a mere Post Office to accept people's complaints and deliver them to various government offices and receive back their arrogant and ridiculous replies and deliver them back to people. When Mr. Achuthanandan ran this Sutharya Keralam, it was a terror to lazy and corrupt department officials and people's grievances were instantly redressed. Now, people can make complaints to the Governor who is also one of the most learned and strictest law men of India. Let Oommen Chandy represent the state and Justice Sadasivam will represent the union. People have their opinion and they want an impartial expert in the Governor's chair.


സര്ക്കാര്ജീവനക്കാര്മത-സാമുദായിക സംഘടനകളുടെ ഭാരവാഹികളാകരുത്‌’


002. September 01, 2014.


The Administrative Reforms Department of Kerala issued this order, prohibiting government employees taking part in meetings and holding positions in Religious, Communal and Political organizations, on the ground that once a citizen accepts salaries from government for doing his job, he shall not accept money from anywhere else for services rendered. Every member of the cabinet is receiving enormous amounts as salaries from the state. Why don't the Administrative Reforms Department issue another order, prohibiting the state cabinet ministers taking part and holding positions in Religious and Communal organizations? So, the case is different and rests elsewhere. The attitude is, 'I will do whatever suits me, but you are at my mercy. To become a government servant, at least some education is needed but to become the government, no education at all is needed. This prohibition stems from shameless jealousy. If we trace back to the incident that actually caused this issuance of a new prohibition order, perhaps slightly modifying the existing one, we can see some under-educated politician connected with the government being underrated or disparaged by some over-educated civil servant, at some function organized by some cultural society. Because one person becomes a state minister or an MLA, human nature does not change.


റംസാനില്ഉച്ചക്കഞ്ഞി നല്കാത്തത് ചോദ്യംചെയ്ത എഇഒയെ സ്ഥലംമാറ്റിയതായി ആരോപണം


001. August 31, 2014.


In every government department in Kerala, there are officers who do not have a backbone, enough decent education, independence, self-respect and social consciousness to believe that their day dream will last only till the day of their retirement. They are owned not by their mother and father but by their political and religious god-heads. If you look around you, you can see a lot many of them, arrogant inhuman beasts, drunk with momentary power. It is they who take the last weapon of a transfer first. To make a transfer order possible with immediate effect, so many officers have to see the file and consent. It is unbelievable that none of those in this particular Education Deputy Director's Office were recruited straight through the door.