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Mark Albert Temple
Age: Older than i'd like
Parents: Paul and Lisa
Siblings: Matthew, Michael, and Marshall 
I am a History Teacher and freelance Writer, and hold a Masters Degree in History from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. I received my Bachelors of Arts in History from East Central University in Oklahoma. I chose History as my major due to my love of the subject. Especially European history.
Outside of work, i play Classic Battletech and the RIFTS Roleplaying game, as well as read alot. I am a big fan of Star Trek and seaQuest DSV, as well as Stargate and the new Battlestar Galactica. My reading preferences lean towards science fiction, especially space and military settings, as well as Paleontological and historical non-fiction.
my current projects include completing the RIFTS RPG sourcebook (Rifts: Scandinavia) i have been writing for Palladium Books with Brandon Aten as a co-writer, as well as (when i have time) working on fan content for this site. I recently had my first published work, an article on undersea colonization found in Rifter #70, published by Palladium Books

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And feel free to check out my blog, regularly updated with various images i've found online for Scifi, fantasy, history, paleontology, mythology, and various other interests of mine.