Sources of the text

There are two editions of the text of Musonius Rufus, that of I. Venhuizen Peerklamp (Haarlem, 1882) and that of O. Hense (Leipzig, 1905). With the exception of thirteen fragments and part of discourse XV which is preserved on in the Rendel Harris Papyri (ed. J. Enoch Powell, Cambridge, 1936) I, the discourses and fragments were assembled from the two works of Stobaeus, the Anthologium (ed. C. Wachsmuth, Berlin, 1884) and the Florilegium (ed. A. Meineke, Leipzip, 1856). There is a Latin translation of Gesner's edition of Stobaeus (Basle, 1549). The present edition follows the text of O. Hense, except in a few instances which are indicated in the footnotes.

Sources for Lectures