Musonius Rufus


The Roman Socrates

Lectures and Fragments

Introduction, and Translation by

Cora E. Lutz.

From Volume X

of the

Yale Classical Studies

Yale Universty Press


A note regarding copyright:

My understanding is that unless the copyright for a book published in 1947 was renewed within 28 years (1975), the copyright would expire. I got my information here ( .

I have searched through the Catalog of Copyright Entries - Third Series: 1974 - 1976. While Cora Lutz did have a copyright renewed in 1975, it was for her "Essays on Manuscripts and Rare Books," and not for Musonius Rufus. I have found no other evidence of copyright renewal.

As the book has never been reprinted since then, and physical copies are extremely difficult to find, I feel I have done my part in certifying that the book is in the public domain.

Additionally, while this may have no legal weight, I am not charging for the content (nor using it to draw in people who will be required to pay a fee for something else), I am in no way profiting from it.

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