Stoic Training

In addition to our own Stoic Course hosted here on the website, there are several other avenues for learning about Stoicism available.


The books aim at directly teaching modern Stoicism, as opposed to only discussing it.

Keith Seddon's Stoic Serenity is a compilation of lessons that once formed an online course. It includes questions, exercises and sample answers. This is the foundational book to many of the courses, and in our opinion, should be on every Stoic Student's bookshelf.

Donald Robertson's forthcoming Stoicism and the Art of Happiness: A Teach Yourself Guide is another welcome addition to the bookshelf. Knowing Don's writing style, this book will be approachable and practical.

Online Courses

The Course we offer is also available in a more interactive format through our Facebook group. The new edition of the course, tentatively titled 'Stoic Foundations', will also be free and will be delivered online from September through June, with the Facebook group acting as a discussion forum. This course is a practical, hands-on, exercise driven examination of Stoic practice, with interactions shared by all who are following the online schedule. That being said, participants may begin at any time.

The New Stoa also has an introduction to Stoicism course through their College of Stoic Philosophers. This course is an exploration of the theory of Stoicism, with John Sellars' Stoicism as the central text. It is essentially questionnaire driven, with mentors to correct your response sheets. There is a waiting list, and at this time, there is no fee for this course.

In addition to his book, Donald Robertson has created a Stoic Overview course which includes questionnaires and videos from around the net. The course is based on Donald's years of CBT practice and utilizes some of the same tools and techniques to get across the fundamentals of the Stoic life.

Live Courses

There is currently only one live course on practical Stoicism available. In the Ottawa, Canada area, the owners of this site offer a course based on the same Course offered here. Again, it runs from September through June. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in participating.

There is also a Meetup Group hosted in Pittsburgh, PA. This is a discussion group, with various topics posted prior to the meetup.