A Stoic Course

NOTE: This course is an early version. A new update is coming soon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Learning to be a practicing Stoic, in modern times, can present a significant challenge. Opinions differ, academics disagree and authors dispense pearls of Stoic wisdom, stripped of all of the rigour and depth of the ancient Art of living to satisfy a public accustomed to instant gratification.

In order to help you build your own 'Art of Living,' we are offering a free course to all who ask. The course is called 'The Spirit of Stoic Serenity'. These lessons are adapted, with his gracious permission, from Keith Seddon's book 'Stoic Serenity: A Practical Course on Finding Inner Peace.' This book comes highly recommended, and although it is not necessary to own a copy for these lessons, we hope that students will find enough value in the lessons that they will be encouraged to buy their own copy, and support one of the few voices for the practice of Stoicism today.

We have listed other learning options on our Stoic Training page.

NOTE: The course is designed to last about 10 - 12 months. We strongly recommend that you do not rush through the course, but take about 1 month for each lesson. The goal of these courses, and indeed Stoicism, is to effect a transformation, not merely increasing your knowledge. Lessons will appear as they are developed.