Final Mneme - The Last SES Assignment

Post date: Jan 2, 2011 8:31:29 PM

I have been undertaking for the last year or so, a study of Stoic principles through the New Stoa. Today marks the submission of my final exercise, the mneme. This is intended to be a memory aid, of my own creation, to assist me in bringing to mind the principles I have learned through my reading and studies.

The Virtues great today will I express

To choose my acts to benefit mankind

And work to help all men learn happiness

For only then will I find peace of mind

I will my fate entrust to thought Divine

To guide my steps to follow Nature's way

And let my light upon the world to shine

That when I pass I will have lived each day

With clarity all judgements I review

And in the present ever mindful be

That I may always say that which is true

And thus the path to wisdom I will see

These are the words I repeat morning and night, and sometimes throughout the day. They are added to the other reminders I have put in place to keep me conscious of my oaths