Section 53

◄Section 52 - Fragments►

1Upon every occasion we ought to have the following thoughts at our command:

Lead thou me on, O Zeus, and Destiny,

To that goal long ago to me assigned.

I'll follow and not falter; if my will

Prove weak and craven, still I'll follow on.[1]

2"Whoso has rightly with necessity complied,

We count him wise, and skilled in things divine."[2]

3"Well, O Crito, if so it is pleasing to the gods, so let it be."[3]

4"Anytus and Meletus can kill me, but they cannot hurt me."[4]

◄Section 52 - Fragments►

1 From Cleanthes. See note on II. 23, 42.

2 Euripides, frag. 965 Nauck.

3 Plato, Crito, 43 D (slightly modified).

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