Getting Started

The Basics

Step 1

Try Gliding by going for a ride.

Step 2

Join the Club. After taking your first ride, you can join the club by talking to one of our members at the field. Click HERE for Membership Details


Students need to study ground school related items while at the same time they progress in their flight training towards their private pilot certificate and silver badge. In other words, a student's ground school studies should include pre-solo flight training information, FAA knowledge test information, preparations for the FAA practical test as well as silver badge relevant information.

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Step 3: Introduction, Overview and Perspective

Take the online Wing Runner Course.

Read our Welcome message and overview of the training process.

Understand your own Role in the Training Process. Read this article "Take an active Role in Your Flight Training"

View our training gliders, tow planes and single place gliders that SCOH operates.

Step 4: Dig In and Get Started!

The Flight Sequence, Syllabus and Lesson Plans form the heart of our TRAINING PROGRAM. These documents lay out an approximate sequence of lessons, reading references, instructional videos and more. These documents will point you to everything that you need to know and do.

Step 5: Simulator

Condor Flight Simulator - Optional. This is an exciting and useful way for you to practice on your own at home.

Step 6: Start with the Goals in Mind

FAA Knowledge Exam. After solo, you will need to start studying hard for what is also known as "The Written"!

FAA Practical Exam. Preparing for "The Checkride" is a challenge so start early.

After the checkride. Once you obtain your private pilot rating, the best part of soaring begins when you start leaving gliding distance of SCOH and start out on cross country flights!

Training Program